The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Three in custody after Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) shooter SCARE” (Web-site/URL:

“Three people were taken into custody Monday afternoon (November 4 2013) after reports of an armed man on the campus of Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) prompted A SCHOOL-WIDE LOCKDOWN, authorities said”.

“(At) an afternoon press conference”, CCSU Police Chief Chris Cervoni said: “Police were called to the New Britain campus around 12 p.m.(November 4 2013) after several students called 911 with reports of a man walking around in camouflage while carrying a handgun or “SWORD-like weapon”.The phrase “sword-like weapon” makes this sound like the description of a STABBING rampage.

“No one was injured in the incident, said university president Dr. Jack Miller”. “From a personal standpointI can simply say,(that FORTUNATELY)OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWEREDEverybody was BRAVE and they were CALM and they BEHAVED THE WAY THEY WERE ASKED TO BEHAVE”, which is essential in a situation causing MASS PANIC like this.

“Charges had yet to be brought against the THREE individuals taken into custody, at least ONE of whom is a CCSU student, Cervoni said. He declined to provide further details about them, though he said they were of “STUDENT age”. Again WE MUST BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHO WE PICK AS FRIENDSWe should always be careful about whom we associate with, but in light of this incident, we would be well-advised to be EXTRA CAUTIOUS

“He added that authorities were still searching for weapons, and said police were investigating reports that ONE of the three was clad in aHalloween costume”.

NO SHOTS were reported fired during the incident, Cervoni said, adding that all three are cooperating with police”. This is another suggestion that this attack could have been an attempted STABBING.

Finally, “Jordan Governale, a 20-year-old junior from Farmington (Tennessee), said he walked by a man carrying a backpack and with what appeared to be a SWORD and SHEATH strapped to his back. The man was wearing a maskcamouflage pantsknee pads and a vest resembling body armorGovernale said”. Again “swords” are used for STABBING.

“A minute later he said he saw police responding”.

AT FIRSTI thought it was a Halloween costumeBut after I saw THE COPSI thought it was some sort of THREAT“, which is a REASONABLE assumption. ”It’s pretty SCARYIt’s pretty STRANGE (and) UNEXPECTED“ again obviously.

This is the latest in a LONG line of INEXPLICABLE school shootings or school shooting scares after shootings at COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL on APRIL 20, 1999 (Web-site/URL:, the VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE on APRIL 16, 2007 (Web-site/URL:, the CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING on FEBRUARY 27, 2012 (Web-site/URL: the SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE on DECEMBER 14, 2012 (Web-site/URL:


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