LAX Rampage: Paul Ciancia’s FAMILY Speaks (MSNBC)

The title of a recently released MSNBC article is “LAX suspect’s family ‘ SHOCKED and NUMBED ‘ by shooting” (Web-site/URL:

“The family of the accused gunman in last week’s Los Angeles Airport (LAX) rampage broke their silence Monday (November 4, 2013) to express sympathy for the victims and pledge love and support for the suspect.

“In a written statement read by their attorney outside the police station in their New Jersey town, the family of Paul Anthony Ciancia asked for privacy and understanding”, two things that are in EXTREMELY short supply these days. ”Welike most Americans, are SHOCKED and NUMBED by the TRAGIC events of last Friday (November 1 2013)We acknowledge the need to understand what happened and (most importantly), WHY it happened“.

“They said they had fully cooperated with federal investigators probing the ambush of Transportation Security Administration workers and offered their condolences to the family of slain TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez”.

“They said THEIR FAMILY was also struggling with the aftermath of the attack“. “Paul is our son and brother. We will continue to LOVE him and CARE FOR him. We will support him through the DIFFICULT times ahead“, even though Paul Ciancia had NO ”love” FOR ANYONE and DOESN’T “care” about ANYONE except HIMSELF and on top of thisCiancia was THE CAUSE OF “the difficult times” that he is dealing with right now.

“As reported by NBC News, the suspect was carrying anti-government literature outlining an purported conspiracy to create a single global government, possibly prepared by a group known as the “New World Order.” A criminal complaint said a note made it clear TSA officials were the target and included a threat to “instill FEAR in your TRAITOROUS minds‘”. TYRANTS and COLD-BLOODED KILLERS get what they want/achieve their goals through “(instilling) fear”.  

“Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said Ciancia was on a “SUICIDE MISSION“. WOWbut OK POLITICIANS do EXAGGERATE thingsMcCaul told CNN on Sunday (November 3, 2013)”, “It’s clearly one of those notes that reads, ‘I’m going to kill people AND I don’t want to kill civilians,’ with the idea that he’s going to die at the end of this”. “I’m going to kill people and I don’t want to kill civilians” DON’T go together. “McCaul said Ciancia’s note made reference to what he saw as LAX AIRPORT SECURITY“. ”The other thing he wanted to talk about was how EASY it is to bring a gun into an airport and do something just like he did” and this SHOULD NOT be “easy”

Finally, Attorney General Eric Holder finished off: “The function of the TSA is to ensure that people can board planes safely, (and) TAKE FLIGHTS SAFELYThe responsibility for protecting airports’ security IS NOT (?) a TSA functionbut IT’S SOMETHING THAT WE NEED TO EXAMINE given what happened in Los Angeles” at LAX

To conclude, this should remind us of ARIEL CASTRO who kept AMANDA BERRY, GINA DEJESUS and MICHELLE KNIGHT captive during much of the last decade (Web-site/URL: and HIS FAMILY’s is plain for all to see, more specifically from his daughters ARLENE CASTRO (Web-site/URL: ANGIE GREGG (Web-site/URL:, his son ANTHONY CASTRO (Web-site/URL: ) and his brothers PEDRO & ONIL CASTRO (Web-site/URL: We can conclude here by saying that the family SHOULD NOT take the heat for ONE person’s poor decision/COMPLETE LACK OF JUDGMENT/HORRIFYING DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE/DIGNITY.


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