HOWARD COBLE Becomes GOP #15 To Retire/NOT Seek Re-election: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is FIFTEENTH Republican INCUMBENT Quits House” (Web-site/URL:–abc-news-politics.html).

“Rep. Howard Coble, a Korean War veteran and 15-term House Republican from North Carolina, today (November 7, 2013) became the 15th House Republican incumbent to decide NOT to seek re-election to the House of Representatives in next fall’s congressional midterm elections” to be held on November 4, 2014 (Web-site/URL:,_2014).

“Coble becomes the ninth Republican to RETIRE, while six others have launched campaigns for the Senate”.

“After Coble announced his decision to retire, Democrats seemed eager to characterize the diminished GOP ranks as proof that the Tea Party is FRUSTRATED the GOP’s old guard”. “frustrated”, of course, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

 “In a statement after Coble announced his retirement”, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Executive Director Kelly Ward wrote: “Barely a day goes by without another Republican JUMPING SHIP from Speaker John Boehner’s DISASTROUS Republican Congressbecause House Republicans aren’t giving up their RECKLESS BEHAVIOR and focusing on the right priorities like CREATING JOBS“. “reckless behavior” is yet another/the latest example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL: “With ANOTHER FISCAL SHOWDOWN just a few months away, House Republicans are LOSING THEIR APPETITE for the IRRESPONSIBLE Tea Party agenda and are unwilling to defend it to the American people next year (2014)”. There are TWO things to note here. First “irresponsible” is yet another/the latest example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL: On top of this, as we know2014 is an ELECTION year.

“Still, Rep. Greg Walden, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, expressed CONFIDENCE (?) that the GOP will find a candidate to keep Coble’s seat in Republican control”. “Howard will be missed in the halls of Congress and he is leaving INCREDIBLY BIG shoes to fill. I am CONFIDENT (?), though, that North Carolina voters will elect a representative who will work to continue Howard’s legacy and will keep this district in Republican hands after the 2014 election cycle”. Is this “confidence” or ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL:

Howard Coble has represented NORTH CAROLINA‘s SIXTH District since 1985 (Web-site/URL:   


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