HOUSE GOP vs Obamacare Cancellations: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “HOUSE GOP getting its say on cancellations” (Web-site/URL:–politics.html).

“Republicans RENEWED AN ASSAULT on on President Barack Obama’s health care law and his own credibility on Friday (November 15, 2013) as they pushed toward HOUSE passage of a measure to let insurers keep offering health coverage that falls short of the law’s standards”. “Republicans renewed an assault” ORALLY/VERBALLY.

According to Rep. Michael Burgess, “Can we really TRUST the administration that wrote this disastrous missive in the first place and so mishandled the implementation, do we TRUST them now to fix it?”

“Burgess, a doctor, said that while the GOP measure wouldn’t fix the law, “It is merely to STOP THE BLEEDING. It’s AN EFFORT AT triage“.

“Democrats said Republicans’ ONLY goal was to SABOTAGE the entire lawobviously.

According to Rep. James McGovern, “I know you DON’T LIKE the presidentBut GET OVER IT and DO WHAT’S RIGHT for the American people”There are TWO things to note here. First notice “I know you DON’T LIKE the president”. Wow professional disagreements have now disintegrated into PERSONAL attacksSecondly/On top of this, as we’ve seen,  IT’S HARD for POLITICIANS to “do what’s right for” anyone except THEMSELVES.

“McGovern said the GOP wanted to “UNDO all the protections that allow you to keep your kids on your insurance policy till they’re 26″ and forbid insurers from barring customers with PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS“. Again there are TWO things to note here. First Republicans want to “undo” EVERYTHING that President Obama cares about/has done. On top of this, people with “pre-existing medical conditions” are the people who need healthcare THE MOST.

“(Speaking) Thursday (November 14, 2013) of the millions who have received cancellation notices”, Obama said: “WHAT WE WANT TO DO is to be able to say to these folks, you know what, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) IS NOT going to be the reason why insurers have to cancel your plan“. OK, this is “what we want to do” but “what we want to do” is different from REALITY/what is ACTUALLY happening.

“Republicans said they intended to push ahead with their plan to allow companies to continue to sell the plans to new customers as well as existing ones and challenged Obama to work WITH (?) them“. Are Republicans “working with” the President?

According to Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., “the main supporter of the GOP measure”, “If the President were sincere in his apology and serious about keeping his promise to the American people, he would WORK WITH Congress on BI-PARTISAN (?) proposals“. Upton is chairman of the House ENERGY & COMMERCE Committee (Web-site/URL: As far as this remark is concerned, “Congress” STILL ISN’T “(working) with” the President on much if anything and as we know, not much, if anything, is “bi-partisan” on Capitol Hill

 “Obama’s approval ratings in polls are also ebbing (declining) and he readily conceded that after recent events the public can legitimately “expect me to have to win back some CREDIBILITY on this health care law in particular and on a whole range of these issues in general“. For POLITICIANS, “credibility” should be EVERYTHINGUnfortunately not many IF ANY politicians have “credibility” anymore.


“Shortly after Obama spoke, the major industry trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, warned in a statement that prices might rise as a result of his new policy. “Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could DESTABILIZE THE MARKET and result in higher premiums for consumers“. “destabilize the market” is FAR MORE DIRE.

Finally, “A few hours later, the head of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners added a fresh word of caution. Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, president of the group, said Obama’s proposal could lead to higher premiums and market disruptions next year (2014) and beyond”. “In addition, it is unclear how, as a practical matter, the changes proposed today (November 15, 2013) by the President can be put into effect. In many states, cancellation notices have already gone out to policyholders, and rates and plans have already been approved for 2014″

The conclusion to this article is again POLITICAL because the House GOP can lash out at Obama all they wantbut the House GOP can’t do anything because the votes AREN’T there in THE SENATE.  

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