“Obama STRUGGLES to save his CHERISHED health law: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Obama STRUGGLES to save his CHERISHED health law” (Web-site/URL: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-struggles-save-cherished-health-131434886.html).

“President Barack Obama’s health care law risks COMING UNGLUED because of his administration’s bungles and his own INFLATED PROMISES“. “coming unglued” sounds like A DISASTER is unfolding and “inflated promises” = UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

According to Larry Levitt, “an insurance expert with the NON-PARTISAN (?) Kaiser Family Foundation”, “There’s been NOTHING NORMAL about this law from the startThere’s been NO period of smooth sailing“. This is Levitt’s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). Also, NO organization is COMPLETELY “non-partisan” or bi-partisan these days because everyone has political preferences/biases. An EXPECTATION that everybody SHOULD have health insurance is now a topic of conversation in families“. This is the latest EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI).

“Obama realizes it’s on HIM to TRY to turn things around and QUICKLY. In the first couple of weeks after the website debacle, Obama played the sidelines role of “REASSURER-in-Chief“. Now, he’s on the field, TRYING to redeem himself“. The problem is: NOT everyone is “reassured”.

(Speaking) Thursday (November 14, 2013) at a news conference, Obama said: “I’m somebody who, IF (?) I fumbled the ball, I’m going to wait until I get the next play, and then I’m going to try to run as hard as I can and do right by the team“. The President DEFINITELY “fumbled” the healthcare implementation/rollout.

Finally, according to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, “I think people have LOST CONFIDENCE in the ability of this working and we’ve still got the ANTIObamacare folks out there TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE“. This is what POLITICIANS do: “take full advantage of” each other and especially PEOPLE’S STRUGGLES/HARDSHIPS/DIFFICULTIES. “Everybody said the website would be up and running the FIRST dayThe longer it takes (to fix the issues regarding the healthcare reform web-site), THE MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO QUESTION WHETHER THIS IS GOING TO WORK“. Translation: “The longer it takes (to fix the issues (regarding the healthcare reform)the more people are going to” be/feel FRUSTRATED by THE LACK OF progress (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). This law was signed MARCH 23 2010 (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patient_Protection_and_Affordable_Care_Actand the implementation process has been nothing short of A DISASTER

To conclude, we are now a year into the president’s SECOND term so it’s all about RESULTS now and THERE WILL INEVITABLY be “struggles” and heated debate/criticism when things don’t pan out/happen the way people EXPECT/DESIRE/WANTThis is REALITY.


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