Shootings @ A Newspaper Office & Bank in PARIS: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Police hunt gunman in PARIS after newspaper, (and) bank shootings” (Web-site/URL:

“Police were hunting a lone gunman on the loose in Paris on Monday after he opened fire with a shotgun at the offices of a left-wing newspaper and a major bank before hijacking a car to take him to the Champs-Elysees avenue.

“The assailant BURST INTO the office of the Liberation daily in central Paris, shooting and SERIOUSLY WOUNDING a photographer’s assistant before fleeing, police and staff at the newspaper said”. “burst into” is VIOLENT and suggests that this gunman wanted to CATCH PEOPLE OFF-GUARD.

“About 90 minutes later, he fired at least THREE shots into the lobby of the suburban headquarters of Societe Generale in the La Defense business district 10 km (6 miles) west of the center, the prosecutor said. A window was shattered but (FORTUNATELY) NONE of the dozen or so workers standing nearby was hit”. This sounds like the 2007 VIRGINIA TECH massacre where SEUNG HUI-CHO killed two at 715 and then 30 others approximately TWO HOURS LATER (Web-site/URL:

“President Francois Hollande, speaking from Jerusalem, said he had asked his interior minister to use all possible means to find the gunman, “who tried to kill and could still do soFREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS BEING TARGETED“. There are TWO things to note here. Of course, as we know, “freedom of the press” is a FUNDAMENTAL/BASIC RIGHTOn top of this, as we know, “Jerusalem” and therefore ISRAEL is embroiled in a seemingly never-ending battle with THE PALESTINIANS

ONE man WEARING DIFFERENT OUTFITS is suspected to have FIRED SHOTS AT the bank and the newspaper, HIJACKED A CAR and THREATENED PEOPLE WITH A GUN on Friday (November 15, 2013) at a 24-hour news channel, BFMTV, said Paris prosecutor Francois Molins”. “Given the similarities between these FOUR cases we are favoring the hypothesis that there is ONE AUTHOR (?)” “author” should be ASSAILANT/ATTACKER/PERPETRATOR. “The suspect is of EUROPEAN type, with SALT-AND-PEPPER HAIR and possibly 2 or 3 days of stubble”in other wordsHAVING NOT SHAVED FOR “2 or 3 days”.

Finally, “Liberation managing editor Fabrice Rousselot said witnesses had described the assailant as a short-haired man in his 40s. Police said he was “of EUROPEAN typeHe walked in, fired TWICE and left“. Again, this is DISTURBING to say the least

So, gun violence IS NOT strictly confined to the United States.

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