The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Protesters rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against security forces” (Web-site/URL:

“About 1000 people marched in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Monday night (November 18 2013) to condemn the actions of Egyptian security forces and some voiced RARE criticism of the army chief, RAISING TENSION on the eve of planned mass protests“. There are TWO things to note right off the bat. First, “rare criticism” suggests that there is still NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Egypt (this is something we take for granted in the free world). Secondly, notice “raising tension”. Well, “tension” is something that EGYPT DOES NOT need any more of.

“Large numbers of demonstrators were expected to turn out on Tuesday (November 19, 2013), EXTENDING TURMOIL that has dogged Egypt since the army ousted elected Islamist President Mohamed Mursi (Morsi/Morsy) and has WRECKED INVESTMENT and TOURISM in the major, U.S.-allied (?) Arab state”. Again, there are TWO things to note here. First Egypt HAS NOT been a “US ally” for a LONG time now (Web-site/URL: On top of this, who would want to visit or “invest” in a country mired in chronic “turmoil” or CHAOS?

“On Sunday (November 17, 2013), Interior Ministry Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Mabruk was shot dead outside his home in Cairo’s Nasr City district, the highest-profile killing in Cairo since Mursi’s (Morsi’s/Morsy’s) overthrow following MASS UNREST AGAINST HIS RULE“. Well, there are now “mass protests against” MILITARY “rule” so THIS IS THE STATUS QUO in/for Egypt.  

“The attack occurred three days after a three-MONTH curfew and state of emergency were lifted”.

“Mabruk, who was gunned down by MASKED MEN, was in charge of monitoring the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the Interior Ministry’s National Security division”. So, Mabruk was killed by “masked men” an ARMED GANG/GROUP.

According to a security official, “Our investigations point to Islamic jihadists carrying out this assassination with POLITICAL motives” of course. EVERYTHING‘s “political” these days. “They were TAKING REVENGE ON Mabruk because he took care of A VERY HIGH-PROFILE file“. Of course, as we know, “revenge” is an AMBASSADOR OF DOOM (Web-site/URL: Let’s also note that this “security official” is choosing to remain anonymous because he DOESN’T want to get singled out for USING BRUTE FORCEthe kind that AMBER LYON experienced firsthand alongside GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) (Web-site/URL:

“In UNUSUAL defiance of the army, some activists wrote on social media about their desire to overthrow what they call the new “military junta“, a reference to the interim government installed by the army after Mursi’s (Morsi’s/Morsy’s) removal”. Again, “unusual defiance of the army” signifies/reinforces the ABSENCE/LACK OF the fundamental right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH that we enjoy in the free world.

Interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi visited Tahrir earlier in the day (November 18, 2013) to lay the cornerstone of a planned memorial that is disputed”.

“The government says the monument will honor the “martyrs” not only of the 2011 anti-Mubarak uprising, but also of what it calls the “June 30 (2013) revolution“, referring to the date of the mass disturbances that precipitated (led to) Mursi’s (Morsi’s/Morsy’s) ouster”. Againboth of these alternatives are equal, equally BADIslamists like Morsy FORCE women to WEAR VEILS while SCAF is clearly A REMNANT OF THE OLD MUBARAK REGIME.

Finally, “Activists say IT INSULTS THE MEMORY OF PROTESTERS KILLED BY THE SECURITY FORCES“. More specifically, according to Ziad Abdel Tawab of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, “Creating a memorial to say we respect the souls of the martyrs without ENSURING ACCOUNTABILITY is basically A JOKE“. Again, which POLITICIAN is FULLY “accountable” these days? There are NONE.

So, protesters are rallying in Tahrir once again…this time against ABDEL FATAH EL-SISSIThis revolution seems to be NEVER-ENDING.


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