ROB FORD’s Latest Antics: Threatens “OUTRIGHT WAR”: CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “Rob Ford vows ‘OUTRIGHT WAR‘ after Toronto council strips his powers” (Web-site/URL:

“Embattled Mayor Rob Ford vowed “OUTRIGHT WAR” after Toronto’s City Council voted to strip him of most of his powers Monday in a tumultuous meeting during which a charging Ford knocked down one of its members”.

“Nearly two weeks after Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor” — an admission forced by a drug probe that resulted in EXTORTION charges against a friend — the mayor said he was done apologizing. He called Monday’s (November 18 2013) vote “a coup d’etat” and compared it to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, warning council members, “What goes aroundcomes aroundFRIENDS (?)” There are THREE things to note here. First, Rob Ford in a “drunken stupor” SHOULDN’T surprise us anymoreThis is how NOTORIOUS Rob Ford has now become. Secondlyextortion is a SERIOUS “charge”On top of this, how can Ford possibly have any “friends” left after two weeks of what can only be described as STUPID/CRAZY ANTICS?

 “(Speaking) to GROANS and LAUGHTER in the council chambers”, Ford went on: “If you think American-style politics is nastyyou guys have just attacked Kuwait (?)  And you will never see something — mark my wordsMY FRIENDS (?)this is going to be outright war in the next election and I am going to do everything in my power to beat you guys“. Who wants to be “friends” with a LUNATIC who’s clearly OUT OF CONTROL? If “groans” are any indication, the answer to our question is: NO ONE.

“Undeterred, the council voted 36-5 to SLASH THE BUDGET of the mayor’s office and transfer most of his duties to the deputy mayor. City Councilor Karen Stintz said Ford “DOESN’T UNDERSTAND the issues he’s facing” and Monday’s (November 18 2013) votes reduce him to “A FIGUREHEAD“. Again, there are THREE things to note here. Firstnotice “slash the budget”. Of course there’s one thing that corrupt politicians crave: MONEYSecondlyFord “doesn’t understand” THE SERIOUSNESS OF HIS DRUG ADDICTIONSThat’s a VERY BAD signOn top of thisFord ISN’T EVEN “a figurehead”. “figureheads” DESERVE RESPECT/we have reasons to LOOK UP TO themTHERE’S NO REASON to look up to someone who is OUT OF CONTROL. “We are a GREAT city and the reality is Mayor Ford does not represent the face of the city” and HE’S STILL MAYOR?  We are taking the steps we’re taking to give the deputy mayor the powers and the responsibility and the staff to exercise the functions that the mayor NO LONGER CAN“. So, Rob Ford has effectively been INCAPACITATED.

“The council already has called on Ford to take a leave of absence and voted to strip him of his emergency powers last week. In Monday’s (November 18, 2013) session, Ford and his brother, City Councilor Doug Ford, sparred with hecklers in the council gallery who chanted “SHAMESHAMESHAME” during a recess”. “shame”, of course, is an EXTREMELY NEGATIVE characteristic, something we DON’T want to be associated with.

“During that break, Rob Ford STOMPED OVER TO his brother, knocking down Councilor Pam MCCONNELL in the process — an apparently accidental act for which the mayor had to issue another apology”. “stomped over” again suggests that Ford is MENTALLY UNSTABLE/UNBALANCEDAlso, notice “McConnell”. Hopefully Pam McConnell IS NOT like MITCH McConnell

“McConnell suffered a fat lip, her colleague, Councilor Paula Fletcher, told Ford. Fletcher demanded an apology from the mayor, who said the collision happened when he “rushed to my brother’s DEFENSE“. AS EXPECTED, Rob Ford will be DEFENSIVE at times (Web-site/URL:

Rob Ford then said: “I APOLOGIZE (?) to anybody that I ACCIDENTALLY (?) hit when my brother was in AN ALTERCATION over there“. There are THREE things to note here. Rob Ford’s “apology” surely IS NOT genuine, this WAS NOT an “accident” and Rob Ford’s family HAS A PREDISPOSITION FOR getting into “altercations” or SCUFFLES.

Fletcher promptly replied: “I’m asking you to apologize to Councilor McConnell”.

Ford replied. “AbsolutelyIt was A COMPLETE ACCIDENT (?) and I do SINCERELY APOLOGIZE (?) to you, Councilor McConnell”WAS THIS “a complete accident” and WAS THIS a “sincere apology?”

“Monday’s (November 18, 2013) vote came hours before the debut of “Ford Nation,” a show he and his brother now host on Canada’s Sun TV news network. On the show, Ford said he hadn’t had A DRINK in three weeks and was working on losing as much as 40 pounds”WOW. So Ford “hadn’t had a drink in three weeks” and is SMOKING CRACK? “If council wants to strip all my powers, DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO. I disagree with it, but you know what? THEY HAVE THEIR RIGHTS. I think it’s wrong. I (even) think it’s ILLEGAL. But people are going to have their say on October 27 (2014)”Does Ford SERIOUSLY think “people” will vote for HIM again? This is another indicator that Rob Ford is DELUSIONAL. I’m feeling GREAT, ’cause again, I know WHAT I’M DOING IS RIGHT FOR THE TAXPAYER (?)” So SMOKING CRACK and ACTING LIKE A LUNATIC “is right for the taxpayer?”

“In an attempt to head off Monday’s (November 18, 2013) vote, Doug Ford introduced a separate measure calling for early elections instead. It was ruled OUT OF ORDER“. “out of order” suggests that Doug Ford is just as DELUSIONAL as his brother. “There are 383000 people who voted FOR the mayor and a lot of those people voted for each one for you, tooThey wouldn’t want the mayor to take that right off each one of you and it’s the same for the mayor”.

“But Councilor Raymond Cho said Rob Ford — who has touted his expansion of Toronto’s subway system and vowed to derail what he calls the “GRAVY train” of city government — was running BOTH a “gravy train” and a “CRAZY train“. “crazy train?” BINGO. Councilor Cho hit it on the button with that one because Rob Ford IS INDEED “crazy”.

More specifically, Cho said: “He NEEDS HELP (obviously) and I said that many times, but he DIDN’T ACCEPT ITof course/obviously/AS EXPECTEDThis is the latest/yet another sign of ARROGANCE (Web-site/URL:  “This is the only route that I have to choose and I leave up to the individual councilors their decision and I HOPE we made the RIGHT decision“, which as we know is hard for POLITICIANS to do because there are so many SPECIAL INTERESTS to consider. “the right decision”, of course, would be to REMOVE FORD FROM OFFICE.

“Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, who inherits much of Ford’s authority now, said he hadn’t spoken to the mayor Monday evening (November 18, 2013) — “and given the bellicosity (animosity/hostility/aggressiveness) of his concluding remarks, I think it is wise to WAIT FOR SOME TIME” or better yet, a LONG “time”. “We played football. We both coached football. And, using football as a metaphor, we can talk about strategies and tactics on a GO FORWARD (?) basis“. “go forward?” IS THIS POSSIBLE, given that we’re talking about ROB FORDsomeone who is full of ANTICS? But the key right now I think is to let him SETTLE DOWN (?) (and) SEEK ADVICE FROM OTHERS  — at least others that HE LISTENS TO (?)” Does Rob Ford “listen to” ANYONEAnd he certainly HASN’T “settled down”. “Because he HASN’T listened to us that well over the past few weeks. And then talk together, privately, and SEE WHERE IT GOES FROM THERE“. Again, given Rob Ford’s ANTICS, this most likely WON’T “go” ANYWHERE.

“But Kelly said that IF (?) Ford continues “to get in the way of good government,” the city (Toronto) could ask Ontario’s provincial government to remove him completely”. THIS (i.e. Ford “getting in the way of good government”) IS INEVITABLE so will we see an “outright war” of ROB FORD vs THE REST OF TORONTO?


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