The title of a recently released CNN article is “Police affidavit offers CHILLING details of teacher’s slaying” (Web-site/URL: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/22/justice/massachusetts-danvers-school-killing/index.html?hpt=hp_t2). “chilling” implies OMINOUS and that’s NOT good.

 “Philip Chism, the Massachusetts teenager accused of raping and killing his algebra teacher, became visibly upset when the teacher, Colleen Ritzer, spoke about the teen’s home state of Tennessee after class, according to a police affidavit unsealed Friday (November 22 2013)”.

“A ninth grade student told investigators that she was in class with Chism and Ritzer after school on the day of the crime, according to the police affidavit unsealed Friday (November 22 2013). She said the teacher and Chism were talking about China, but, at some point, Ritzer mentioned the student’s home state of Tennessee”.

“Chism became “visibly upset,” the student said. When Ritzer noticed that Chism was upset, she changed the subject, said the unidentified student, who described Chism as “talking to HIMSELF“. So Chism is SCHIZOPHRENIC.

“The affidavit, in chilling detail, offers the first hint of a possible motive in last month’s (October 2013) gruesome killing of the POPULAR high school teacher. Ritzer, 24, who was allegedly RAPED WITH AN OBJECT (a BOX CUTTER) and had HER THROAT SLASHED. A handwritten note found next to her body said, “I HATE you all“. There are THREE things to note here. First note that Ritzer was “popular”. Second “raped with an object (box cutter) and had her throat slashed” is GRUESOME. On top of this“I hate you all” is evidence that Chism is SCHIZOPHRENIC and he was also DISGRUNTLED.

According to District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, “The indictments … detail HORRIFIC and UNSPEAKABLE acts“.

“Chism’s mother, Diana, told investigators that she recently moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee amid a “STRESSFUL divorce” from the teen’s father”. So we have another example/case of the lack of a MALE role modelAgain, this is an EXPLANATION, NOT AN EXCUSE.

“On the aggravated rape and armed robbery indictments, Chism was charged as a YOUTHFUL offender, but prosecutors said they will move to join those charges with the MURDER case in Superior Court”This may be enough to seek THE DEATH PENALTY if we’re looking at a CAPITAL MURDER charge.

Blodgett went on: “This is the first step in a LONG process to SECURE JUSTICE for Ms. Ritzer and her family“. We’re trying to “secure justice” for RITZER‘s FAMILY now because Colleen Ritzer has left us nowat the tender age of 24.

“Ritzer was known to her friends and family as a woman who inspired many — whether in the classroom or online (Twitter) — with her HEART, intellect and POSITIVE SPIRIT“. “heart…and positive spirit” are all too often missing from our daily lives these days.

According to Jen Berger, Ritzer’s best friend, “She was HAPPYI don’t even know what the world is like without her. It’s a SCARY thought“. Berger’s life must’ve been TURNED UPSIDE DOWN/SHATTERED by this HORRIFIC murder.

“A 2011 graduate of Assumption College who was working toward a master’s degree at Salem State University, Ritzer seemed to always WEAR A WIDE SMILE and was APPROACHABLE to students and colleagues alike, said Charlotte Dzerkacz, who became good friends with Ritzer in 2011 when they taught at the same middle school”. “She was ENERGETIC, she was COMPASSIONATEYOU COULDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE from a teacher or a friend“. This sounds like the description of someone whom we would LOOK UP TO/A ROLE MODEL,

Finally, “The Ritzer family released a statement saying: “We are DEVASTATED and HEARTBROKEN by the details of the HORRIFIC circumstances surrounding the death of our BEAUTIFUL daughter and sister, Colleen”Her family must be REELING right nowPeople are supposed to go in their 80s and 90s, NOT IN THEIR 20s & 30s.

Now, we have a much clearer image of Philip ChismWhat was it about TENNESSEE that drove this guy to KILLChism can only be described as MENTALLY CHALLENGED/EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED. However, we shouldn’t be talking or even thinking about Philip Chism right now. Our thoughts should be with COLLEEN RITZER‘s family

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