Should people be able to use their CELLPHONES in flight? CBS

The title of a recently released CBS News article is ANGER over (the mere) POSSIBILITY of cell phone use in planes” (Web-site/URL:

So how “angry” are people and WHY are they “angry?” “Some airlines and passengers are SOUNDING OFF about a plan to allow cellphone calls during flights“. “sounding off” = LASHING OUT. 

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on it next month (December 2013)”.

IF the idea of using cell phones in flight takes off – DON’T expect DELTA to go along for the ride”. 

“The world’s second biggest airline released a statement Friday (November 22, 2013) stating that they WOULD NOT allow voice communication in-flight“.

A SOUND (i.e. GOOD) decision in the eyes of passengers like Jamie Key”. “I DON’T want to sit next to someone who is talking on their phone forSEVERAL HOURSIt would be AWFUL” especially if we have NO INTEREST in the conversation which is OFTEN the case.

According to Veda Shook, “President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA”, “There is no way to have a quiet car on an airplane. It is a metal tube thousands of feet in the air. There is no way for someone to actually have a PRIVATE conversation and WE HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT THAT” obviously because “privacy” is a CRITICAL component of LIFE

Finally, “In a statement Friday (November 22, 2013)FCC chairman Tom Wheeler acknowledged the BACKLASH“. “We understand that many passengers would prefer that voice calls NOT be made on airplanes I feel that way myself Ultimatelyif the FCC adopts the proposal in the coming monthsit will be AIRLINES’ decisionswhether to permit voice calls while airborne“.

SoCELL PHONE USE ON FLIGHTS is our latest ‘hot topic’ and so far at leastthe reaction has been NEGATIVE


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