The title of a recently released CBS News article is “DEADLY pre-holiday storm chugs through Southwest toward Northeast” (Web-site/URL:

“A winter storm system blamed for at least 10 FATAL accidents in the West and Texas threatens to dampen the Thanksgiving holiday for millions of Americans traveling this week”. “fatal” is NEVER a good sign/a word that we DON’T like to see.

“Nearly 300 American Airlines and American Eagle flights were CANCELED in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on Monday (November 25 2013) due to the weather, spokeswoman Laura Masvidal said, mirroring disruptions at the air hub a day earlier (November 24, 2013). Some of the country’s busiest airports – New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and Charlotte, N.C.could see BIG delays“. If the description of weather are accurate and let’s assume they are, “could” should changed to WILL.

“Icy roads led to HUNDREDS of accidents and at least 10 deaths, HALF of them in Texas. On Monday (November 25 2013), the storm brought A MIX OF SNOW, SLEET and FREEZING RAIN to parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, southern Kansas and Texas. But as the storm continues east, there are fears of heavy rain along the busy Interstate 95 corridor and SLEET, FREEZING RAIN and snow away from the coast and at higher elevations”. We’ve highlighted “sleet” and “freezing rain” because these 2 forms of precipitation are what will cause the biggest MESSES.

According to Tommy Easterling, with the Greenland WRECKER Service, “People just don’t realize when they cross those bridges that they’ve got ice on them and when they cross them, THEY LOSE IT“. That’s NOT good. Also notice “wrecker service”. “wrecker” is symbolic and ironic because there sure are LOTS OF “wrecks” on the roads right now.

“Tom Kines, a meteorologist with AccuWeather, said it will be “primarily a RAIN event” for the East Coast, with up to THREE inches of rain DOUSING travelers“. “The further INLAND you get – especially as you get into that HIGHER terrain – you are going to deal with FROZEN precipitation“, namely SNOW and SLEET with THE LATTER being FAR MORE DIFFICULT to navigate through.

“Jeff Smidt is traveling Wednesday (November 27 2018) from his home in Toronto to visit his family in Andover, Mass., just outside Boston”. “My understanding is that I’m traveling at like THE WORST TIME EVER” and HE’S RIGHTThe weather on Wednesday (November 27 2013) calls for “HEAVY rain/wind” during the day and “Cloudy/Wind” at night  (Web-site/URL: “Smidt tried to get on an earlier flight, but JETBLUE (?) told him it isn’t waiving any change fees yet”. “I’m just hoping I also don’t become a statistic during the holiday weekend“. People “(becoming) statistics” is just about THE WORST thing that could possibly happen to someone. On top of thisJetBlue, of course, was the airline infamous for making passengers sit on the tarmac for more than 7 HOURS in 2011 (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “Some of the worst weather was expected in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas, but most of the region saw only SPORADIC ice and VERY COLD temperatures“. According to Courtney O’Neal-Walden, “who planned to close her Dairyette restaurant in Mount Ida four hours early because BUSINESS WAS SLOW“, “You can see it on the power lines, but the roads are FINE (?)”NOPE, “the roads are” NOT “fine” because they are so IMPOSSIBLY SLICK that people are STAYING HOME or at least OFF the roads.. 

So, travelers have to deal with yet another snowstorm from the SOUTH to the EAST that’s causing “death” once again, surely leading to more FRUSTRATION (Web-site/URL:


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