“SMOOTH SAILING For Thanksgiving?” CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “After storm, forecasters see SMOOTH SAILING (?) for Thanksgiving” (Web-site/URL: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/27/travel/weather-thanksgiving/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter).

“The Pennsylvania official was just talking about one area, but he summed up a winter storm that struck much of the eastern United States on Wednesday (November 27, 2013)”.

According to Steve Cowan, “a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation”, We DODGED A BULLET“. This is true.

CNN meteorologist Todd Borek predicted some lake-effect snowfall over the Great Lakes and fresh snow from a weak disturbance for the Upper Midwest”.

“But, he added: “The worst in terms of widespread snow and rain is over. Tomorrow (November 28 2013) will be a quieter day, although wind gusts will continue to be a problem overnight (November 27 2013) and Thursday (November 28 2013) for the Northeast”.

“That’s good news for people like Latasha Abney, who joined the more than 43 million Americans expected by AAA to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend”.

“Abney said Wednesday (November 27, 2013) that she arrived more than two hours early at Washington’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) to catch a flight to New York’s JFK”THIS IS A MUST especially for BIG city airports because not only do we have to account for a lot of people at the airport but also TRAFFIC JAMS.

“In an e-mail”, Abney said: “I THOUGHT the lines were going to be ridiculous. I was SECOND in line checking my bag with Delta (checked into my flight last night) and security was A BREEZE“. WOW. That certainly DOESN’T happen very often.  “I WALKED RIGHT UP, the TSA agent checked my info and I immediately started the security process. And now the wait begins. It’s pretty QUIET by the gates. NOT too many people roaming around. So far, so GOOD! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!” Did Abney GET LUCKY or are weather conditions NOT as bad as originally FEARED?

“Brian M. Good said he, too, was EXPECTING a horrible trip when he departed New York for Newark to get a flight to San Diego”. “In an e-mail”, Good said: “Instead, the roads were DEADIt’s WARM outside and it STOPPED RAINING. No lines at the airport and flight is on time. Wish the forecasters were WRONG all the time :)” “wrong” in this case means that forecasters forecast BAD/NASTY weather and the weather turned out to be NICE.

 “A decision will be made Thursday morning (November 28 2013) before the parade’s 9 a.m. ET scheduled start”.

According to Patrol Chief James Hall with the New York Police Department (NYPD)”, “Tomorrow (November 28 2013) before the event, we’ll make a determinationthe police department (and) the incident commanderWHETHER the balloons will fly or not“. (Speaking of the possibility of balloons being in the air), Hall said: “It looks GOOD. It looks VERY GOOD” and balloons WERE INDEED in the air (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_pncabZ12I).

According to Jose Ramirez, “who was in New York with his family”, “We came all the way from Puerto Rico to see the parade, so it will be A DISAPPOINTMENT if we DON’T see the balloons“, Fortunatelythey (the hot air balloons) WERE in the air.

“At US Airways, Todd Lehmacher called the impact of the weather “PRETTY minimal, at this point,” with six weather-related cancellations and an on-time performance of about 67%. The impact was more pronounced at US Airways Express, which tallied 56 cancellations because of the weather, he said”. “The real story is people are getting to their destinations, albeit a LITTLE (?) delayed in some (?), but NOT ALL cases“. How many is “a little” and how many is “some?”

 “Amtrak reported no major delays systemwide. Using the weather as a MARKETING TOOL the nation’s rail system was adding seats on some routes”. “Rail travel remains one of THE MOST RELIABLE and COMFORTABLE transportation options, especially in weather conditions that NEGATIVELY impact other modes (of transport)”. This is a SALES PITCH,

According to CNN meteorologist Chad Myers, “It’s sleet; it’s rain; it’s 31 degrees. It’s UGLY out there“. Again we certainly DON’T need any more “ugly” stuff”.

 “Sarah Martini (does she drink a lot of MARTINIS?) said in an e-mail”: “Well, since the forecast said we would be hitting an ICE STORM on our way, we ended up leaving the night before we had planned (November 26 2013) and took an alternate routeThis morning (November 27, 2013)we took smaller roads to avoid DC traffic and have made great progress! We managed to avoid bad weather and traffic and are getting close to getting to Pittsburgh from NC!” Martini (what an interesting name) seems to be RELIEVED.

According to Seqret (does she keep many SECRETS?) Watson, “(who was) among the dozens of drivers in Northwest Arkansas sent SLIDING when their cars hit icy bridges and roads”, speaking to affiliate KFSM, “I get on the highwayand the next thing I know, I’m SPINNING“. This surely was SCARY. “I try to grab my wheel and then I just HIT THE WALL. Just jumped out to make sure MY KIDS were OK“. This is what every parent should do.

Finally, “The Peterson family had initially planned to drive from Northern Virginia to Massachusetts. But after seeing the forecast, they booked seats on a flight at the last minute”. More specifically, Jennifer Peterson told CNN affiliate WUSA“, “It was a small fortuneWe could’ve gone to THE BAHAMAS for what we paid!” So, would Jennifer Peterson have rather gone to the Bahamas instead of going home to see her extended family for Thanksgiving? 

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “After storm, forecasters see smooth sailing for Thanksgiving”  After the rough weather we’ve seen over the past week or so in the East, we could use some “smooth sailing” or at least A BREAK from the rough weather.


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