Protests in THAILAND vs Yannick SHINAWATRA: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Thai protesters target PM’s party headquarters” (Web-site/URL:

“Hundreds of police were deployed Friday (November 29, 2013) at Thailand’s ruling party headquarters as DEFIANT opposition protesters set their sights on a new HIGH PROFILE target, seeking to INTENSIFY their fight to bring down the government“.

BOISTEROUS demonstrators have besieged key ministries in Bangkok in the biggest street protests since mass rallies against the previous government three years ago (2010) degenerated into the kingdom’s WORST civil strife in decades”.

“Protesters are demanding the end of the “Thaksin REGIME” and want to replace the government with an UNELECTEDPEOPLE’S COUNCIL“. So, Thais want to “replace” a “regime” with ANOTHER “unelected” government? 

According to deputy national police chief Worapong Siewpreecha, “We are deploying TWO companies of police (around 300 officers) at Puea Thai party headquarters after they asked for protection” surely against PROTESTERS/RIOTERS/LOOTERS

According to provincial police commander Major General Smithi Mukdasanit, TWO anti-government supporters suffered MINOR (?) injuries. They might have been HIT WITH A WOODEN STICK“. “hit with a wooden stick” could result in SERIOUS “injuries”.

“In a televised address Thursday, Yingluck urged demonstrators to call off their protesters and said the government DID NOT (?) want confrontation“. This is what the Thai governments WANTS US TO BELIEVE (Web-site/URL: 

“But a defiant rally leader, Suthep Thaugsuban, rejected any suggestion of talks in a tub-thumping late night speech that set a fresh deadline for the demos to reach their climax”. “Yingluck said the government CAN still govern, can still work — I want to say that they will only be able to work for A FEW MORE DAYS, then WE WILL NOT LET THEM WORK ANYMORE“. Thaugsuban IS INDEED “defiant”.

This is yet another EASY conclusion, because Thailand’s incumbent prime minister is Yingluck SHINAWATRA (Web-site/URL: and people associate her with her brother THAKSIN Shinawatra, who  as we know is in turn synonymous with CORRUPTIONSo we have another person who is in power because of her FAMILY NAMEThis should remind us once again of GAO WEI (Web-site/URL: CUI XILING (Web-site/URL: Gao took SIX years to complete his PhD because Cui was his ” FUTURE wife” after completing his MPhil in 2004 and Cui took EIGHT,  while publishing only THREE papers at the time because she had the time to have TWO babies in 3.5 years (enough time for many people to complete their PhDs). She has recently many conference articles but most of these have been in KOREA (China is NORTH Korea’s ONLY ally) and even  with only ONE of her conferences taking place in Auckland, New Zealand. Making this even more of a disgrace was that Gao LIED when he said that he had a PhD and therefore, his GIRLFRIEND (at the time) MUST HAVE an M.PhilThe truth was that he DIDN’T have an M.Phil and he arrived in Hong Kong to do his M.Phil AFTER his girlfriend arrived to do her Ph.D which is a DISGRACE even in ULTRA traditional Chinese societies where WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT GET PREGNANTThis reinforces the notion that in countries such as THAILAND, CHINA and NORTH KOREA, SPECIAL INTERESTS ARE RIFE.  


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