The title of a recently released Fox News article is “CRUNCH TIME: Congress running up against PARTIAL SHUTDOWN deadline, again” (Web-site/URL:

‘Tis the season of important dates — ThanksgivingHanukkahChristmas, New Year’s (and) GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN … The “government shutdown” of course LOOMS LARGE 

“Yes, it’s that time of year — again. JUST two months after the last partial government shutdown endedlawmakers are once again STRUGGLING to meet the deadline for funding the government” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:  . 

“As part of the SHORT-term agreement struck in mid-October (2013)Congress gave itself until Jan. 15 to pass a budget, and until Dec. 13 (2013)to reach a tentative deal at the committee level. It’s Dec. 4 (2013) and despite WEEKS OF TALKSthe budget NEGOTIATIONS (?) have only creptforward“. Do POLITICIANS “negotiate?” “crept forward” is TOO SLOW. This is NOT good. “And Congress really only has FIVE more days this month (December 2013) to do anything”. So, it’s EXCEEDINGLY UNLIKELY that Congress will do ANYTHING.

 According to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, “The Speaker is VERY SERIOUS about us being out of here on the 13th”, even if a deal ISN’T reachedThe GOP simply DOESN’T care about ORDINARY folks.

“House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., is ADAMANT that he DOES NOT want another stopgap spending bill to fund the government past Jan. 15.  ”I want to see THAT PRESSURE REMAINS to GET A NUMBERAs we know there are MANY POLITICIANS who are “adamant” about THEIR OWN SELFISH INTERESTS.

According to Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the Ranking Member on The House Budget Committee, “IF you define success by taking things OFF the table,then we’re getting successThe negotiations work by SUBTRACTION.  We must start PUTTING “things” ON “the table” sooner or laterWeCAN’T keep the negative definitions forever

House GOP sources told Fox News on Wednesday (December 4 2013) that Ryan is “OPTIMISTIC (?)” that the ongoing talks could produce a smalldeal“. “could” IS NOT a guaranteeAlso, as we’ve said on numerous occasions, when POLITICIANS talk IT’S HARD to be “optimistic”. ”But these sources said IF (?) there is no agreement by Dec. 13 (2013)the House will pass a short-term CR to keep funding the government at the $967 billion level as required by law”. IF “there is no agreement?” There most likely WON’T be ANY “agreement”

“A Ryan spokesman said the congressman “is committed to FINDING COMMON GROUNDHe hopes both parties can work together to CUT SPENDINGin a SMARTER way“. “find common ground” and “cut spending” clearly DO NOT go togetherWe can dub this the CHINESE HOUSEWIVES’ problem because the GOP like the SUPER-traditional housewife, ONLY wants to “cut spending”. In Systems & Information Engineeringthere’s a research area called PORTFOLIO AnalysisWell, a “portfolio” with ONLY ONE consideration/thing in it ISN’T a very good portfolio

“Without any agreement by Jan. 15 (2014ANOTHER PARTIAL SHUTDOWN WOULD BEGIN” and it will almost certainly be WORSE than the last one and THERE IS NO INDICATION that we’ll have an “agreement” ANY TIME SOON.

Finally, “Boehner said Tuesday (December 3, 2013) that he wants the bill completed but “we can’t get SENATE Democrats to say YES (?)” Wait. BOEHNER is now saying YES? Isn’t he the HELL NO guy (Web-site/URL: Well, Boehner is now BLAMING Senate Democrats (Web-site/URL: The truth of the matter is: BOTH parties are responsible for KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD ONCE AGAIN.   

So, this puts Senate Majority Leader HARRY REIDSenate Budget Committee Chairwoman PATTY MURRAYSenate Minority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL and House Budget Committee Chairman PAUL RYAN in the spotlight/under the microscope once again. Can they come up with a LAST-GASP agreement? If history is any indication, this is NOT likely especially given that 2014 will be another ELECTION year…or even EXCEEDINGLY UNLIKELY.


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