The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Rough health law FALLOUT TIGHTENS key Senate races” (Web-site/URL:

Thanks to the FIASCO that followed the launch of President Barack Obama’s health care law, Democrats are bracing for hard-fought Senate races in states they had HOPED to win WITH EASE just two months ago (October 2013)”“fiasco” is A DAMNING CRITICISM.

“Weeks of technical problems with the health insurance enrollment website and ANXIETY over insurance cancellations for millions of people have erased early advantages enjoyed by Democratic candidates Gary Peters in Michigan and Mark Udall in Colorado”. Peters won with 82% of the vote in 2012 and is vying to replace the retiring CARL LEVIN in ’14 (Web-site/URL: Udall won with only 53% of the vote in 2008 ON OBAMA’S COATTAILS (Web-site/URL: On top of this, we certainly DON’T need any more “anxiety” in the world nowadays.

According to Craig Hughes, “a Denver-based Democratic consultant who ran Obama’s 2012 Colorado campaign and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s 2010 campaign”, “There’s NOT a lot of wiggle room here. Colorado is DEFINITELY IN PLAY. THE WEB-SITE was A DISASTER and the process of changing insurance is INHERENTLY DIFFICULT . This is NOT going to be a smooth process“. Well, POLITICS is HARDLY EVER “smooth”.

 “In an interview after a campaign event in Kalamazoo”, Peters said: “This bill gets us down the road, but we’ve got to KEEP WORKING ON IT. This is an election about someone who JUST wants to repeal the law and  (former Michigan Secretary of State TERRI LYNN LAND) and someone who is ROLLING UP HIS SLEEVES (Peters himself)”Interestingly/Ironically Land was Michigan’s Secretary of State under DEMOCRATIC Gov. JENNIFER GRANHOLM (Web-site/URL: Wonder how THEY got along…for EIGHT years?

“Land said she plans to use Peters’ claim that policyholders WILL NOT lose their coverage as a main campaign point. “When you MAKE THAT PROMISE and you DON’T deliver, it really goes to the  CREDIBILITY“, as if LAND has kept any “promises” or “credibility”.   

“In Kalamazoo, in GOP-heavy western Michigan, perceptions of the health care law and its impact on the Senate race depend on who you ask”.

According to Lucy Bland, “director of a food co-op kitchen”, “These issues CAN BE fixed“.

Kevin McLeod, with the area Chamber of Commerce, quickly COUNTERED: “It (this healthcare reform law is) going to SET US ALL BACK FOR A LONG TIME”. The GOP surely want to emphasize “long” here.

Finally, according to Justin Barasky, “spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)”, “None of these races have had their fundamentals change” due to problems with implementation of the health care law”.

To conclude, let’s repeat a refrain: the healthcare WEB-SITE/IMPLEMENTATION of this law has been a disaster; NOT THE LAW ITSELF. The healthcare law itself does a lot of GOOD

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