MAO ZEDONG’s 120th Birthday: A “SCALED BACK CELEBRATION (?)”: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “China to CELEBRATE (?) Mao’s birthday, but events scaled back” (Web-site/URL:

“China celebrates the 120th birthday of Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China, on Thursday (December 26 2013)but will be SCALING BACK festivities as President Xi Jinping embarks on broad economic reforms which have UNSETTLED LEFTISTSThese are EXTREME “leftists” who follow A RIGID IDEOLOGYThere are VERY FEW IF ANY MODERATES left in politics nowadays.

“Mao has become a potent symbol for leftists within the ruling Communist Party who feel that three decades of MARKET-based reform have GONE TOO FAR, creating social inequalities like a yawning rich-poor gap and PERVASIVE CORRUPTION“. There are THREE things to note right off the bat. First,  EXTREME “leftists” want a COMMAND, NOT “market-based” economySecond a “yawning rich-poor gap” is interesting especially if we apply it to CHINESE people in CALIFORNIAWe should empathize with/feel sorry for people who are “poor because of lack of opportunitiesHowever, we SHOULDN’T feel sorry for people who are poor because they DIDN’T LOOK FOR those opportunitiesFor example,many Chinese people in California who were company directors or other HIGH-ranking corporate officials in China become NANNIES when they get to the U.S.

“In venerating Maothey sometimes seek to put pressure on the current leadership and its market-oriented policies while managing to AVOID EXPRESSING OPEN DISSENT” OF COURSE/AS EXPECTED out of FEAR because “open dissent” could lead to people getting sent to THOUGHT REFORM (Web-site/URL: .

“While members of the party’s ELITE INNER CIRCLEthe Politburo Standing Committee, are likely to attend a high-profile event in Beijing to mark the anniversary, activities nationwide have been toned down, two sources with ties to the leadership told Reuters“. GAO WEI  (Web-site/URL: CUI XILING (Web-site/URL: act like “elites” because GAO NAGGED the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to admit his then-GIRLFRIEND who then spent EIGHT years on ONE PhD and you simply CAN’T DO THATIn fact there are now rumblings that Gao wants to return to Hong Kong. This is a SERIOUS ETHICAL VIOLATIONThis is like saying: SHAQUILLE O’NEAL had a Hall of Fame career and therefore SO WILL HIS KIDS and therefore ALL SEVEN OF HIS KIDS SHOULD BE GIVEN A FREE PASS TO THE NBAThis is another example of the principle of inheritance of acquired characteristics which DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE

 According to “one of the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity to AVOID REPERCUSSIONS FOR TALKING TO A FOREIGN REPORTER WITHOUT PERMISSION“, “The level will be highbut the number of events will be SCALED BACKThe attendance of Standing Committee members is toplacate (appease or pacify) leftists after reforms at the third plenum”. “leftists” of course think/view Mao is A GENIUSAlso notice “avoid repercussions for talking to a foreign reporter without permission”The question is: what IS “permissible” in China? Almost NOTHING.

According to “another source, who HAS TIES TO the party’s traditional leftists”, “The celebrations HAVE TO BE grand or people will not be happy“.“have to” sounds like another example of the FORCE & PAIN TECHNIQUE (Web-site/URL: Also “has ties to” again suggests that China is all about CONNECTIONS.  

According to Zhang Lifan, “a Beijing-based political commentator and historian, referring to how China will mark the birthday”, “”In the end,probably NO side will be very satisfied“ or “satisfied” AT ALL. “The reformers DON’T think Mao should be commemoratedbecause he committed crimes,but his supporters think the commemorations AREN’T enough“ AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: “The reformers DON’T think Mao should be commemorated because he committed crimes”HORRIFIC/HORRENDOUS “crimes” against HUMAN DIGNITY.

Finally, “influential tabloid the Global Times, published by the party’s OFFICIAL People’s Daily, quoted Wang Zhanyang, director of the Political Science Department at the Central Institute of Socialism, as saying” “The authorities DON’T want the commemorations for Mao to be HIGH-profile“. HE’S ALREADY a “high-profile” figure. “Some regional conservative people and officials with VESTED INTERESTS want to restrain reform by falsely promoting some of Mao’s most conservative thoughtswhich is not what the party follows“. ALL POLITICIANS have “vested interests”.

To conclude, OF COURSE, this “celebration” of Mao’s 120th birthday SHOULD BE “scaled back”because although Mao did some good things he was also A TYRANT who CLAMPED DOWN ON INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & FREEDOMSIn other wordsMANY people DISAGREED with him…and for good reason.


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