The title of a recently released CNN article is “Egypt’s interim Cabinet officially labels Muslim Brotherhood A TERRORIST GROUP” (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s interim government officially declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization on Wednesday (December 25, 2013), blamed it for a bombing this week that killed 16 people and announced that anyone who is a member of the group WILL BE PUNISHED” surely via the FORCE & PAIN TECHNIQUE (Web-site/URL: .

“Hossam Issa (perhaps this is a combination of HOSSAM EL-HAMALAWY DARRELL ISSA), the interim minister of higher education and a deputy prime minister, announced the Cabinet’s decision on STATE-RUN al-Masriaya television”. “The government reiterates that there will be NO return to the past UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and Egyptthe state and the people will never succumb to the TERRORISM of the Muslim Brotherhoodwhose crimes have gone far beyond all MORAL (?)religious and human limits“, SCAF has “morals?”

“Hundreds of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets in towns and cities across Egypt after the announcement”.

“In Alexandria, some protesters threw fireworks at authorities and set fire to police cars as young people marched through the streets chanting “Sisi is A TRAITOR,” according to the official Facebook page of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood”“traitor” of course is A DAMNING CRITICISM.

“in an online statement”, FJP said: “THE TERRORISTS COUP authorities that are agents for the Zionists announced the Muslim Brotherhood as terroristssimilar to declaration made against the Palestinian resistance movement by Israel. THE COUP IS TERRORISM“.

“Tamarod, the grass-roots political faction responsible for organizing the petition campaign that led to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsy in July (2013) by the Egyptian military, issued a statement on its official website”. “The government’s decision announcing the Brotherhoodgroup a terrorist organization is a GOOD step and it came latebut better to come late than never“.

“On Sunday (December 22, 2013)Ansar Jerusalem issued an online statement calling on army and police members to quit. ”With your staying in these institutions from evening to morningyou are incurring the ANGER of Allah”. This group is focusing on the VIOLENT aspects of Islam while completely disregarding/ignoring the COMPASSIONATE side

“But Issa said it was an “ugly crime” perpetrated by the Brotherhood”.

“The United States issued a strong reaction to the news that the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as terrorists”.

According to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, “We think it is essential for Egypt to have an INCLUSIVE political process; it is the best means of restoring the stability that the Egyptian people want and that is necessary to the country’s economic recovery. There needs to be DIALOGUE and POLITICAL PARTICIPATION ACROSS THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM“. Just like in SYRIA, NORTH KOREA and CHINA, this (i.e. “dialogue and political participation across the political spectrum”) is clearly NOT happening. “WE ARE CONCERNED about the current atmosphere and its potential effects on A DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION in Egypt”There are TWO things to note here. First the US is “concerned about the current atmosphere (in Egypt)”but there is LITTLE IF ANYTHING that they can do itSecondlyas we’ve said on many occasionsthere are different INTERPRETATIONS of “democracy” in Egypt and the United States (Web-site/URL: 

Finally, “Russia also condemned the bombings”. In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “Political differencesno matter how sharp they may beshould be resolved by PEACEFUL (?) means in the ways of a broad dialogue with the participation of leading political and social forces of the country“. Well, Russia supports THE TYRANT BASHAR AL-ASSAD in SYRIA so should we BELIEVE what they’re saying?    

To concludeOF COURSE, the Muslim Brotherhood will be called a “terrorist group” with SCAF the remnants of MUBARAK‘s regime in power.In other words, this was an EXPECTED outcome (Web-site/URL:   


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