The title of a recently released CBS News article is “SUICIDE BOMBER kills several at TRAIN STATION in Russia” (Web-site/URL:

“A suicide bomber struck a busy railway station in southern Russia on Sunday (December 29 2013), KILLING at least 15 people and wounding scores more, officials said, in a stark reminder of THE THREAT Russia is facing  as it prepares to host February’s Olympics in Sochi”,from FEBRUARY 6-23, 2014 (Web-site/URL:

“No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing in Volgograd, but it came several months after Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov called for new attacks against civilian targets in Russia, including the Sochi Games”.

“One woman had a narrow escape when she left the station just moments before the bomb went off, reports CBS News’ Holly Williams”. “I saw people RUNNINGHUMAN FLESH all around, SHATTERED GLASS and BROKEN DOORS. I saw SMOKE, but I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS GOING ON“. “I saw people running” FOR THEIR LIVES.

Vladimir Markin, “the spokesman for the nation’s top investigative agency”, released the following statement: “When the suicide bomber saw a policeman near a metal detector, she BECAME NERVOUS and set off her explosive device“. “nervous” as we know is a DANGEROUS emotion. “He added that the bomb contained about 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of TNT and was rigged with SHRAPNELand this is surely how most of the casualties occurred.

“Female suicide bombers, many of whom were widows or sisters of rebels, have mounted numerous attacks in Russia. They often have been referred to as “BLACK widows“. “black” is often associated with ANGER or RAGE.

“A witness, Roman Lobachev, told Rossiya television that he was putting his bags on a belt for screening when he heard the sound of an explosion”. More specifically,   Lobachev, “who survived the attack with minor injuries”, said: “I heard A BANG and felt as if SOMETHING HIT ME IN THE HEAD“.

“Twin bombings on the Moscow subway in March 2010 by female suicide bombers KILLED 40 people and wounded more than 120. In January 2011, a male suicide bomber struck Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, killing 37 people and injuring more than 180.

“Umarov, who had claimed responsibility for the 2010 and 2011 bombings, ordered a halt to attacks on civilian targets during the mass street protests against President Vladimir Putin in the winter of 2011-12. He reversed that order in July (2013), urging his men to “do their utmost to DERAIL the Sochi Olympics which he described as “SATANIC dances on the bones of our ancestors“, suggesting that Doku Umarov is an ANARCHIST.

“In a statement, the U.S. State Department condemned the attack” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

According to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, “The United States CONDEMNS IN THE STRONGEST TERMS today’s (December 29 2013) terrorist attack in VolgogradWe SEND OUR CONDOLENCES to the families of the victims and stand in solidarity with the Russian people against terrorism of any kind“.

Finally, “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressed its condolences over the bombing, but said it was confident of Russia’s security preparation for the games”. “At the Olympics, security is the responsibility of the local authorities and WE HAVE NO DOUBT (?) that the Russian authorities will be UP TO THE TASK“. REALLY? This is an interesting INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: 

This is just what we DON’T need: more CHAOS with another “suicide bomber”, especially with the Winter Olympics  just around the cornerThis is just like OSAMA BIN LADEN orchestrating the attacks on THE TWIN TOWERS & THE PENTAGON on 9/11/01 because he wanted Americans to CALL 911 on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


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