The title of a recently released CNN article is “RECORD cold possible across much of U.S.” (Web-site/URL:

This is the definition of RARE air“.

“The National Weather Service warned Sunday (January 5 2014) that much of the United States will see this week the COLDEST temperatures in almost 20 years as an ARCTIC cold front descends on 140 million people”.

According to CNN Meteorologist Alexandra Steele, “It’s a piece of the polar vortex that’s coming down. It’s THE COLDEST air in North America and it will be ours here in the lower 48We are going to SHATTER records” rather than merely breaking them.

“Snow was falling across the Midwest. In Brownsburg, Indiana, more than 4 inches had fallen during the morning, said iReporter Bill Byrd”. “Most people are STAYING IN THEIR HOMES and CHURCH SERVICES ARE CANCELLED” obviously/AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: 

“Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard told residents to stay off the streets, especially after nightfall”. “It’s not just a snow event, it’s a COLD event, and that’s what SCARES us“, as if we need anything else to be “scared” about.

“Packers running back Eddie Lacy said he DIDN’T think there was much he could do to prepare for a game this cold“. “It’s definitely going to be a different experienceIt’s mind over MATTER“. MATTER wins.

“In EMBARRASS  (is this really the name of the town?), Minnesota, residents wondered whether they might see their record-cold temperature of 64 below zero, set in 1996, snap like an icicle”.

Resident Roland Fowler told CNN affiliate KQDS“: “I’ve got a thermometer from the (National) Weather Service that goes to 100 belowIf it gets THAT cold, I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE” again obviously/AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: 

“In St. Louis, authorities used a reverse 911 system to call people who might need assistance. More than 80 didn’t answer, Mayor Francis Slay said, so police were going to check on them”.

“Slay also said that the city would close on Monday (January 6, 2014) except for emergency personnel”. “We EXPECT this to be a three-day event”. Is this a REASONABLE EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “The National Weather Service’s Twin Cities office in Minnesota said”: “Exposed flesh can freeze in as little as five minutes with wind chills colder than 50 below”.  

So, for those who DIDN’T get a white ChristmasTHEY’RE GETTING THEIR MONEY’S WORTH (in terms of “cold”, snow & ice) nowTemperatures that are 30-50 (34-46 degrees Celsius) degrees below average IS INDEED “rare air”EXTREMELY “rare air”It’s extremely cold in all areas of the US except in the SOUTHWEST where temperatures are in the 70s and 80s in cities in such as LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO  and PHOENIX as well as southern TEXAS FLORIDA.


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