The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Iraq readying ‘major attack‘ to retake Fallujah” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/iraq-security-forces-39-preparing-major-attack-39-114109887.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory).

“Iraq is preparing a “major attack” on militant-held Fallujah, a senior official said Sunday (January 5 2014), spelling another assault for the city west of Baghdad where US forces repeatedly battled insurgents.

“a senior official told AFP“: “Iraqi forces are preparing for a major attack in Fallujah”.

 “The regular army has paused on the edge of Fallujah to allow residents time to leave, after which it will launch “the attack to CRUSH THE TERRORISTS“. This is the latest example of LOFTY RHETORICAs unstable as Iraq is it’s easy to say “crush the terrorists”. Actually DOING/ACHIEVING this is another thing.

“US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that Washington would provide assistance to Iraqi forces in their battle against the militants but that it was “THEIR (i.e. the IRAQI people’s) fight“.

“He said Washington was “VERY, VERY CONCERNED” about the resurgence of ISIL, but WAS NOT contemplating any return of US ground troops, after their withdrawal in December, 2011″OK “Washington (is) “very very concerned” about” A LOT of things but there is little IF ANYTHING they can do about it because as we know the United States is MASSIVELY unpopular throughout the Arab world and the Middle East.

Kerry told reporters in Jerusalem: We (i.e. US troops_ ARE NOT obviously contemplating returning,” but “WE ARE GOING TO DO EVERYTHING THAT IS POSSIBLE TO HELP THEM“. How will this be achieved WITHOUT US boots on the ground?

“Iran also offered assistance, with deputy chief of staff General Mohammad Hejazi saying that “if the Iraqis ask, we will supply them with EQUIPMENT and ADVICE, but they have NO NEED FOR MANPOWER..WAIT FOR WHAT IS COMING“. This sounds like Iran’s threat to THE US.

Finally, “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had long sought the closure of the protest camp outside Ramadi, dubbing it a “headquarters for the leadership of Al-Qaeda”As we knowNuri al-Maliki is COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE/INEPT.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Iraq readying ‘major attack’ to retake Fallujah”. IS THIS POSSIBLE given that we can’t tell bad from good now in Iraq?


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