The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Rodman apologizes for comments on jailed American” (Web-site/URL:–spt.html).

“Dennis Rodman apologized Thursday (January 9, 2013) for comments he made in North Korea about a detained American missionary, saying HE HAD BEEN DRINKING and was UNDER PRESSURE as he organized a game with former NBA players”.

Finally, “On Thursday (January 9, 2014), Rodman said: “I want to apologize. I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY (?) for my actions“. DOES HE? “IT HAD BEEN A VERY STRESSFUL DAY“. This sounds DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: “Some of my teammates were leaving because of PRESSURE from their families and business associates. My dreams of basketball diplomacy was QUICKLY FALLING APART. I HAD BEEN DRINKINGand SMOKING WEED NO DOUBT. “It’s NOTan excuse, but by the time the interview happened, I was UPSET (and) I was OVERWHELMED. It’s NOT an excuse, it’s just THE TRUTH“. IS IT? Again, this is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

To concludeNO ONE SHOULD MIND DENNIS RODMAN ANYMORE. This is the latest chapter of ‘I said something stupid because I was drinking or high’ CELEBRITY ANTICSOur thoughts should be with KENNETH BAEHowever just out of curiosity, we have to wonder: WILL RODMAN’S “apology” BE ENOUGH?


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