The title of a recently released CNN article is “Dad’s TEXTING to daughter sparks ARGUMENT, (and) FATAL SHOOTING in movie theater” in FLORIDA (Web-site/URL: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/13/justice/florida-movie-theater-shooting/index.html?sr=sharebar_twitter).

 “It started with a father sending text messages to his daughter during the previews of a movie”.

“It ended with the 43-year-old man shot dead amid the theater seats and a 71-year-old RETIRED POLICE OFFICER in custody”. “retired police officers” are supposed to PROTECT people instead of KILLING INNOCENT ONES.

“The shooting Monday (January 13 2014) during a 1:20 p.m. showing of “LONE SURVIVOR” at a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater ESCALATED from an objection to cell phone use, to A SERIES OF ARGUMENTS, to the sudden and deadly shooting, according to police and witnesses”.

As a male moviegoer TEXTED, the man seated behind him OBJECTED and ASKED THE TEXTER TO PUT HIS PHONE AWAY“.

“They argued several times, according to police and witnesses, and the man who was texting watched as the other man walked out of the theater. Curtis Reeves, a retired police officer, apparently went seeking a theater employee to complain about the texting, police said”.

“Two seats away, Charles Cummings and his son watched the squabbling”.

“When Reeves returned, he was WITHOUT a managerimplying that Reeves would TAKE MATTERS INTO HIS OWN HANDS.

He came back very IRRITATED“. “irritated” is a VERY DANGEROUS emotion.

“The man who had been texting, Chad Oulson, got up and turned to Reeves to ask him if he had gone to tell on him for his texting. Oulson reportedly said, in effect: I was JUST sending a message to my young daughter“.

Voices were raised. Popcorn was thrown. And then came something unimaginable — except maybe IN a movie. A gun shot“. “gun shots” are supposed to happen IN certain “movie” SCENES, NOT TO PEOPLE AT “movies”.

“Oulson was FATALLY wounded. His wife was hit, too, through THE HAND as she raised her hand in front of her husband as the shooter drew a handgun”.

“Oulson STAGGERED toward the Cummings and fell on them, Charles Cummings said”.

Cummings, “a Vietnam veteran who HAD BEEN celebrating his birthday by going to a movie with his son”, continued: “I CAN’T BELIEVE (that) people would bring a pistol to a movie“. We should be MORE “surprised” that SECURITY SCREENERS DIDN’T DETECT THE GUN or perhaps Reeves had BYPASSED the checkpoint. Also Oulson texting must have SET REEVES OFFThe reasoning is CRAZY but there we have it. When people are “irritated”, they tend to behave ERRATICALLY/in IRRATIONAL waysOn top of this notice “had been”. Cummings “HAD BEEN CELEBRATING HIS BIRTHDAYThis went from a “celebration” to HORROR/TERROR.    

 “Bay News 9 spoke to a neighbor of Oulson’s who said the dead man was A VERY NICE GUY who he COULDN’T ENVISION being involved in an incident like this“. NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY “envision” BEING KILLED.

More specifically, this neighbor, Bill Costas, said: “Always SMILING. I’ve NEVER seen him ANGRY (?)” This is a bit of a stretch. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to “never” be “angry”. A few people just know how to CHANNEL “anger” EFFECTIVELY. “If I needed help with something, he was always thereTotally different guy. Like I said,IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE . Not from what I know of him“.

“The shooting happened at about 1:30 p.m. inside one of the theaters at the Grove 16 complex, sheriff’s spokeswoman Melanie Snow said”.

Finally, “On the theaters’ website is a list of prohibited items and actions. Among them: No cell phone use, including texting, in the theater auditorium. And no WEAPONS allowed” obviously. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. So how was CURTIS REEVES able to bring a gun into the theater?  

To conclude, “Lone Survivor” is a movie featuring MARCUS LUTTRELL  who earned the Navy Cross for his heroic actions in AFGHANISTAN (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_Survivor_(film)). Marcus Luttrell was decorated with THE NAVY CROSS (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Luttrell). We could not possibly have known that a HORRIFYING crime could occur at a showing of this moving depicting HONOR & SACRIFICEThis is the latest example of a minor issue “escalating” or EXPLODING into a SIGNIFICANT one.

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