HOWARD “Buck” MCKEON Announces Retirement From Congress (HOUSE): Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “11-term Rep. McKeon leaving, EXODUS CONTINUES” (Web-site/URL:–politics.html).

“JOINING AN EXODUS from Congress by both Democrats and Republicans, veteran Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon tearfully announced Thursday (January 16 2014) that he’s retiring after 21 years, stepping down as House Armed Services Committee chairman”29 House members (11 DEMOCRATS & 18 REPUBLICANS) WON’T seek re-election on NOVEMBER 4 2014  (Web-site/URL:,_2014). Compare this to 40 House retirements (21 Democrats & 19 Republicans) in 2012 (Web-site/URL:,_2012) and 37 retirements (17 Democrats & 20 Republicans) in 2010 (Web-site/URL:,_2010). So 2012 was the “House exodus” for this decade (so far).


“(Speaking to) reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference, with his wife, Patricia and current and former aides in attendance”, McKeon said: “I’m leaving this job in a year (2015), but I will not leave THE FIGHT” for CONSERVATIVE VALUES “McKeon pledged to continue working for men and women in the military” which is importantI


“McKeon said he still gets a thrill when he sees the lights of the U.S. Capitol, but there were other feelings that signaled it was time to LEAVE “. “For me, it’s time to WALK AWAY“. This reminds us of SAM CHAMPION leaving “GMA” when ‘it would’ve been easy to stay’ 

“In a statement, Boehner, R-Ohio, praised McKeon as “a tireless advocate for our military and Department of Defense civilian personnel, as well as their families. No one has worked harder to provide them the resources they need to successfully complete the missions their nation has asked them to perform“.

Finally, “Rep. Adam Smith of Washington State, the committee’s top Democrat, hailed McKeon’s unwavering commitment to the troops and his efforts to work WITH Democrats in a BITTERLY DIVIDED Congress”Congress (i.e. THE HOUSEis MORE “divided” NOW THAN AT ANY POINT IN RECENT MEMORY AND THIS IS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE ANYTIME SOON.

More specifically, Smith said: “Buck set a tone on this committee that the rest of Congress should SEEK TO EMULATEAs POLITICAL TENSION CONTINUED TO RISE in Congress, Buck stayed committed to BI-PARTISANSHIP (?)” There are TWO things to note here. First,

SoTHE HOUSE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE is the latest committee to watchWill McKeon’s hand-picked successor MAC THORNBERRY take over as chairman of this committee or will SMITH take over (assuming DEMOCRATS retake control of THE HOUSE?)

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