EGYPT: First Post-Morsy Electoral Test (Yahoo!)

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Egypt awaits result of first post-Morsi (Morsy) electoral test” (Web-site/URL:

“Egypt’s military-installed authorities on Thursday (January 16, 2014) hailed a “high turnout” in a constitutional referendum they had billed as an opportunity for voters to pass verdict on last year’s (2013) overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi (Morsy)”.

“Preliminary tallies reported by STATE media suggested that more than 90 percent of votes cast had been in support of the new charter, with a 39 percent turnout in most provinces in the two days of polling”Of course “STATE media” WANTS US TO BELIEVE “that more than 90 percent of the votes had been cast in support of the new charter” (Web-site.URL: when IN REALITY the turnout was only 39% because “STATE media BRAINWASHES people

“Ehab Badawy, spokesman for the interim president (Adly Mansour), “remarkedon the HIGH (?) turnout in the referendumthat it was a BEAUTIFUL (?) day for Egypt and DEMOCRACY (?)”, a statement said”. This is only “beautiful” for THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY/SCAFwhichas we knowis UNDEMOCRATIC.

 According to government spokesman Hany Salah, “This was also a referendum on June 30 (2013)”,  referring to the day when millions of protesters took to the streets demanding Morsi’s (Morsy’s) resignation”.

“A coalition led by Morsi’s (Morsy’s) Muslim Brotherhood, which has organised near daily rallies against his overthrow, claimed the referendum was a “farce” and pledged further protests”.

We will continue the days of RAGE“, the Anti-Coup Alliance said”. As we know and as we have seen“rage” is a VERY DANGEROUS emotion

“A coalition led by Morsi’s (Morsy’s) Muslim Brotherhood, which has organized near daily rallies against his overthrow, claimed the referendum was a “farce” and pledged further protests”. More specifically, according to the Anti Coup Alliance, “We will continue the days of RAGE“. As we’ve seen, “rage” is a DANGEROUS emotion

Salah told AFP, “We are definitely MOVING FORWARDWHETHER THEY (the Muslim Brotherhood) WANT TO OR NOTWe believe they live in a VIRTUAL world“. In other wordsSalah is suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood is DISCONNECTED/DETACHED FROM REALITY.

“Hassan Nafea, professor of political science at Cairo University (WAEL GHONIM‘s alma mater), told AFP“: “A turnout HIGHER than what the 2012 constitution received will show that Morsi and the Brotherhood have been excluded from the country’s political scene, at least in the near term“.

“US Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday (January 15, 2014) he hoped the referendum would be “TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE (?)” In EGYPT, this is AN UNREALISTIC EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “The State Department has said a bill Congress is expected to pass on Friday (Janaury 17, 2014) will allow the White House to unfreeze all $1.5 billion (1.1 billion euros) in US aid if it can certify Egypthas held a constitutional referendum and is taking steps to support a DEMOCRATIC (?) transition“. Again, the US/WESTERN concept of :democracy” is COMPLETELY different from the ARAB concept of “democracy”. 

To conclude, Egypt is still IN LIMBO/A MESS.


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