DROUGHT Emergency In CA: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Governor declares drought EMERGENCY in California” (Web-site/URL: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/1/17/calif-governor-declaresdroughtemergency.html).

“It’s official: California is in a drought EMERGENCY“.

“Gov. Jerry Brown made the long-awaited emergency declaration Friday morning (January 17, 2014) in San Francisco, a day after legislators and hundreds of farmers from parched districts in Northern California and the Central Valley rallied on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento”.

More specifically, Brown said: “We are in an UNPRECEDENTEDVERY SERIOUS situation“. “We are in an unprecedented very serious” and almost DIRE “situation”

According to Mario Santoyo, “executive director of the California Latino Water Coalition that organized the Sacramento rally Thursday(January 16, 2013)”, ”We’re heading for A TRAIN CRASH“. WOW. THAT’S DRASTIC. “We’ve got to do everything we can to try to be prepared for itTO USE EVERY POSSIBLE TOOL WE HAVEThose tools don’t become available UNTIL THE GOVERNOR SIGNS A DECLARATION“. This is a classic example of PUSHING RESPONSIBILITY ONTO SOMEONE ELSEUnfortunately sometimes MOTHER NATURE acts in a way that NO ONE can control.

“Tricia Blattler, executive director of the Tulare County Farm Bureau, said farmers in her county have been hard hit this year (2013). ADecember (2013) cold front threatened citrus crops and farmers had to use more water to create a protective coat of frost on trees”. “That will affect the amount of water they (trees) haveWe are EXTREMELY dry“ obviously. “We have not had any rain during the winter period … It’s a VERYVERY DIFFICULT year (2013-’14)” given that California’s ONLY rainy months are DECEMBER & JANUARY.

The Sacramento City Council this week passed the toughest water restrictions in the city’s history: REDUCE usage 20 to 30 percent or FACE A FINE of $1,000″So water in Sacramento is being RATIONEDAgainthis is a DRASTIC measure.

“Mendocino County declared its own emergency, asking for CUTS in usage of 25 to 50 percent and stating that a family of four CAN’T use more than 150 gallons a day in some areas”. These are more DRASTIC measures that will affect DAILY ACTIVITIES such as TAKING SHOWERS and even HAND-WASHING (Web-site/URL: http://fi.edu/guide/schutte/howmuch.html).

According to Mendocino County Supervisor Carre Brown, “We have many wells that have GONE DRY; we have springs that have STOPPED RUNNING”.This is SERIOUS

“Willits, a Mendocino County town with a population of roughly 5,000, has 60-day water supply”This is a DIRE situation because we’re talking about a town that could RUN OUT of water.

“Brown, the supervisor, said she’s “very pleased” the governor made the declaration”. “That gives more authority to local governments in order to manage whatever (DWINDLING) supply we have”.

Finally, according to Juliet Christian-Smith, “climate scientist in the California office of the Union of Concerned Scientists”, “The current HISTORICALLY dry weather is a bellwether (indication) of what is to come in California, with INCREASING periods of drought EXPECTED with CLIMATE CHANGE”. This is a VERY REASONABLE EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgnAY_eXYbI). “Because INCREASING DEMAND and DROUGHT are STRAINING our water resources, we need to adopt policies that address both the causes and consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE”. HOW CAN WE ACHIEVE THIS? 

To conclude, it’s ironic that CALIFORNIA is suffering from a DROUGHT emergency when we compare The Golden State to places like HONG KONG that had one of the WETTEST summers on record in 2013.


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