The title of a recently released CNN article is “Video threat emerges amid SECURITY concerns over Sochi Winter Olympics” (Web-site/URL:

“A video surfaces threatening the Winter Olympics. Russia’s President vows the Games will be safe. Some U.S. lawmakers warn that they WON’T be“.

“Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, told CNN‘s State of the Union (with CANDY CROWLEY) Sunday (January 19 2014)”, “It’s a VERY SERIOUS fear“.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the Games (running from FEBRUARY 7-23, 2014), like any high-profile event, COULD BE a target for terrorists“. That’s NOT good.

“But, he said, Russia has a “PERFECT UNDERSTANDING” of the threat and how to STOP it“. The question is: WILL PUTIN “stop it?”

“As a transcript of his interview with half a dozen (i.e. SIX) national and international broadcasters was posted on the Kremlin website Sunday (January 19, 2014), a video that surfaced online again highlighted the security situation”.

“In the video, posted on a well-known Jihadi forum website, two young men believed to have been suicide bombers in last month’s (December 29-30, 2013) BACK-TO-BACK bombings in the Russian city of Volgograd speak of those attacks and make an ominous promise”.

“The video says”: “We’ve prepared A PRESENT (?) for you and all tourists who’ll come overIF you will hold the Olympics, you’ll get a present from us for the Muslim BLOOD that’s been SPILLEDimplying of course that MORE “blood” WILL BE “spilled” and that is ALARMING.

“Putin has pledged that visitors to Sochi for the Winter Olympics WILL BE kept safe“. WILL THEYREALLY?

“According to the interview transcript”, Putin said: “We will TRY to make certain that the security measures are NOT INTRUSIVE (?) or too CONSPICUOUS (?), so they are NOT too NOTICEABLE for the athletes, the Olympics’ guests or JOURNALISTS (?)” There are FOUR things to note here. First, “try” suggests that if Putin is UNSUCCESSFUL, it’s NOT his faultThis is the classic POLITICAL strategy of AVOIDING/DEFLECTING RESPONSIBILITYSecondly UNDEMOCRATIC societies are ALWAYSat least somewhat “intrusive”  Thirdly as we know POLITICIANS AREN’T good at being “conspicuous”On top of this as far as “journalists” are concerned there is CENSORSHIP in Russia although nowhere near as bad as in NORTH KOREA or CHINA (Web-site/URL:’s_Republic_of_China). “But at the same time, WE WILL DO OUR UTMOST (?) to ensure that they are EFFECTIVE (?)” There are TWO things to note here. First DO POLITICIANS “do their utmost?” Also what is “effective?” This is open to INTERPRETATIONS (Web-site/URL:

“Russia has plenty of experience in keeping international events secure, Putin said, pointing to the G8 and G20 summits as examples”. “Security is to be ENSURED (?) by some 40,000 law enforcement and special services officers” This CANNOT be GUARANTEED. “Of course, we will DRAW ON THE EXPERIENCE acquired during similar events held in other regions of the world and in other countries. It means that we will PROTECT OUR AIR AND SEA SPACE, as well as THE MOUNTAIN CLUSTER“. This sounds like CHINA saying they will FIGHT TO THE DEATH to “protect” what they call the DIAOYU Islands in a saga that has gone on for FAR TOO LONG.  

“But several (TWO to be exact) U.S. lawmakers offered a different take Sunday (January 19, 2014) on CNN‘s State of the Union“.

“King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he WOULDN’T go to the games himself, “and I DON’T think I would send my family“, of course/AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:, because WOMEN & children are supposedly MORE FRAGILE than menWhether or not women should work or ONLY sit at home and wait to become pregnant after finding men to provide for them continues to be a hot topic.

“Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, also called on the Russian government to be MORE (?) cooperative with the United States on intelligence sharing ahead of the Games”. This is HIGHLY UNLIKELYespecially given these two countries’ VAST differences on SYRIA. “Their level of concern is great, but we DON’T seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes in the Games. I think this NEEDS TO change and it SHOULD change SOON (?)” because I SAID SO? This is essentially/basically what Rogers is saying.

“When asked whether he thought Americans would be safe at the Games, former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden said he TRUSTS (?) Russia’s ability to provide security”. “I think Americans will be QUITE (?) safe“, which is DIFFERENT from being VERY “safe”

“Russia’s stance on GAY rights has been another area of CONCERN for many visitors”. LGBT rights is another hot topic that will be featured in this analysis.

“Russia has come under international pressure since its parliament passed a law last summer outlawing “gay PROPAGANDA“. The legislation makes it illegal to tell children about gay equality and has been widely criticized by Western leaders, who have called it archaic (outdated) and discriminatory”.

“But Putin DEFENDED it before journalists Friday (January 17, 2014), saying that the law was about PROTECTING (?) children”. “We have just recently passed a law PROHIBITING PROPAGANDA (?) and not of HOMOSEXUALITY, but of HOMOSEXUALITY and CHILD ABUSE, child sexual abuse. But THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH (?) persecuting individuals for their sexual orientation“. Putin is DEFENSIVE here (Web-site/URL: and UNDEMOCRATIC leaders DEPEND HEAVILY on “propaganda” as opposed to “prohibiting” it. “So there is NO (?) danger for people of such nontraditional sexual orientation who are planning to come to the Games as guests or participants“. REALLY?

“The Russian leader also DISMISSED claims that CORRUPTION has PUSHED UP the cost of the games, saying there was no proof that had occurred”. When was the last time a POLITICIAN, especially a POLITICIAN from an UNDEMOCRATIC country/society, WAS NOT “corrupt?” THIS IS A JOKE.

“When it won the bid in 2007, Russia said the Winter Games would cost $12 billion, but the government’s website now cites the total cost as 1.5 TRILLION rubles ($45 billion)” 

Putin went on: “I DO NOT see serious corruption instances FOR THE MOMENT, but there is a problem with OVERESTIMATION OF CONSTRUCTION VOLUMESwhich could be an example of “corruption” in and of itself.

“He suggested the problem was a universal one, where companies underestimate costs in the tendering process in order to win the project, and then push the price back up”.

“But, he said, there was no evidence of anything that could be considered corruption, or “theft of public funds with the help of state officials in whose hands these funds fall“, in Sochi”. “If anyone has such information, give it to us, please. I repeat once again, we will be GRATEFUL (?)” When was the last time any POLITICIAN was TRULY “grateful?” But so far, there was NOTHING BUT TALKS“talking” is about THE ONLY THING POLITICIANS are good at.

Finally, “Boris Nemtsov, former deputy prime minister of Russia and a VOCAL CRITIC of Putin, published a report last year (2013) describing the Sochi games as one of the most ” OUTRAGEOUS SWINDLES” in recent Russian history. He claimed that up to 60% of the final cost — or $30 billion has been EMBEZZLED“. As we’ve seen on numerous occasions “vocal (critics) of” dictators are often IMPRISONED

To conclude, again, like we’ve seen on numerous occasions, terrorists will strike where there are LARGE GATHERINGS OF PEOPLE.

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