GOP Strategy For 2014 Mid-Terms: New Tactics, OLD MESSAGES (CBS)

The title of a recently released CBS News article is “GOP readies for 2014 with NEW (?) tactics, (and) FAMILIAR messages” (Web-site/URL:

“The Republican National Committee (RNC) on Wednesday will kick off its annual winter meeting with a presence at the annual “March for LIFE” in Washington, D.C., signaling that the Republican Party is embracing some familiar themes — primarily, its opposition to abortion rights and to Obamacare — as it heads into the midterm election year”. “March for Life” is about ABORTION because the GOP is generally PRO-LIFE. ABORTION is our first ‘hot button’ topic  

“That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes to discuss at the winter meeting — GOP officials have plenty to consider after losing the presidential race and some key Senate races in 2012, in part because of the Democrats’ characterization that the GOP is waging a “war on WOMEN”. However, the changes that the RNC will be discussing this week have more to do with tactics than with the party’s underlying philosophy”. As we know, DEMOCRATS will say the GOP is ANTI “women”.

“The RNC started that process last year (2013), when it laid out its shortcomings and its potential reinvention in the report of the “GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY Project“. Of course POLITICIANS want to “grow” THEIR OWN PARTY.  “By the end of 2013, the committee had an $18 million cash ADVANTAGE over the Democratic National Committee (DNC)”Again, of course, as we knowPOLITICS is all about MONEY.

“RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters earlier this month (January 2014)”: The reason we did PRETTY well in 2013 is that we were SELLING A PLAN (?)” and that “plan” was…? “The plan was PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND EARLY, getting into HISPANIC, AFRICAN AMERICAN and ASIAN communities and fixing A PRETTY BIG DIGITAL and DATA problem”. As we know “Hispanic African American and Asian communities” tend to vote DEMOCRAT because the GOP is generally ANTI-IMMIGRATIONARIZONA Gov JAN BREWER saying “I do not know what an illegal immigrant looks like” (Web-site/URL:, but SHE’D THROW THEM OUT OF THE UNITED STATES ANYWAY and JOHN MCCAIN saying “Complete the danged fence” (Web-site/URL: are clear examples of thisIMMIGRATION is our second ‘hot button’ topic.

“Ultimately, Priebus told reporters, the committee wants “a primary that DOESN’T destroy OUR (OWN) candidates”. Unfortunately INTRA-party politics is here to stay…in BOTH parties.

“The RNC is also considering a tactical defense against the Democrats’ “war on women” attack that in 2012 brought down candidates like Missouri’s GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin” who called RAPE LEGITIMATE  (Web-site/URL: which is DISGRACEFUL.  “The committee will consider a new resolution that states the RNC will not support the “strategy of SILENCE (?)when it comes to Republican candidates and the issue of “life,” urging candidates to DEFEND their positions and FIGHT BACK“. There are TWO things to note here. First, Republicans are hardly “silent”. Just think about THE TEA PARTY and their ANTICS. On top of this“abortion” is mentioned again.

“The resolution states, “Staying silent FAILS because this strategy allows Democrats to DEFINE the Republican BRAND and prevents the Republican Party from taking advantage of widely supported pro-LIFE positionsto attract traditional and NEW values voters” . There are A LOT OF “traditional values” and NOT ENOUGH “new values”.

RNC delegate Ellen Barrosse, also a board member of American Principles in Action and the author of the resolution, told CBS News that GOP candidates like 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Virginia’s 2013 Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli lost their respective races after inadequately answering charges that they were insensitive to women’s issues. Democrat Terry McAuliffe only narrowly beat Cuccinelli in November (2013) after PRO-ABORTION GROUPS POURED MONEY INTO the campaignreinforcing the notion that we CAN’T talk about POLITICS WITHOUT talking about “money”.

The Virginia race offered up a model for pro-abortion rights groups ahead of the 2014 elections and they plan on launching a MORE AGGRESSIVE OFFENSIVE strategy this year (2014)”, implying that the FORCE & PAIN TECHNIQUE will be used (Web-site/URL:

“Barosse, however, contends that Republicans can beat that line of attack if they defend their position“. “Our polling shows that in a situation where Democrats attack Republicans withwar on womenrhetoric and Republicans then attack Democrats for their EXTREMISM (?) on abortion, both candidates suffer…  but the DEMOCRAT SUFFERS MORE and he WON’T [use that attack] again“. This is an INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:


“Tom McClusky, vice president for government affairs for the March for Life, said Priebus is “the first [RNC] chairman who I think is embracing the Republican platform (on ABORTION) in this way. I think Reince Priebus is doing this on PRINCIPLE, but I also think it is a GOOD POLITICAL move“. 

“While it embraces its anti-abortion rights stance, the GOP is also keeping up its charges against 

 Finally,  “earlier this month (January, 2014)”, Priebus said: “When you’re talking about something that takes up A SIXTH of the United States economy and that has been DRAMATIC misrepresented to the American people and that’s affecting EVERYBODYIT’S IMPOSSIBLE for this (HEALTHCARE REFORM/OBAMACARENOT to be the number one”.

To conclude, the GOP TACTICS may be “new”but the RHETORIC HASN’T changed


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