ANOTHER “Crackdown on Dissidents” With The Arrest Of XU ZHIYONG: Bloomberg

The title of a recently released Bloomberg article is “China STEPS UP CRACKDOWN on Dissidents With Jailing of Xu Zhiyong” (Web-site/URL:

“China’s ruling Communist Party intensified its crackdown on dissent with the jailing of legal scholar Xu Zhiyong and another prominent dissident saying on Twitter (WEIBO) that he was taken away by police”.

“Xu, the most prominent activist jailed since Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo in 2009, was sentenced by a Beijing court yesterday (January 26 2014) to four years in prison on charges of gathering a crowd to disturb public order. While he was not given a formal opportunity to respond, Xu, 40, told the court that “the last DIGNITY (?) of Chinese law has been DESTROYED”, his lawyer Zhang Qingfang said by telephone”. The Chinese government has a VERY DIFFERENT INTERPRETATION of “dignity” (Web-site/URL:

According to Maya Wang, “a researcher with the Asia division of Human Rights Watch in Hong Kong, (speaking) by phone”, “ANY kind of challenge to the authorities in the form of organized movement is still A BIG RED LINE. Four years is on the HEAVIER end and is a message to the group of activists involved in the New Citizens’ Movement and in the wider circle of activists”. Wang is lucky that she’s in HONG KONG so she can say whatever she wants/speak her mind. As we knowpeople in mainland China AREN’T able to do this

“The U.S. government is “DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED” by reports of Xu’s conviction, Jen Psaki a State Department spokeswoman, said in a statement yesterday. “We CALL ON Chinese authorities to release Xu and other political prisoners IMMEDIATELY, cease restrictions on their freedom of movement and GUARANTEE them the protections and FREEDOMS (?) to which they are entitled under China’s INTERNATIONAL human rights COMMITMENTS”. As we know in POLITICS ALMOST NOTHING is “guaranteed” and “freedoms” are SEVERELY RESTRICTED“Calling on” CHINA to do anything will most likely be FRUITLESS.

Finally, Xu’s lawyer Zhang finished off: “His SENTENCE was EXPECTEDBut his conviction of a crime IS NOT FAIR and is ILLEGAL”. BINGO. “What the New Citizens’ Movement advocates is for each and every Chinese national to act and behave as a CITIZENTo accept our roles as citizens and MASTERS of our country and NOT to act as FEUDAL SUBJECTS, remain complacent, accept mob rule or a position as an UNDERCLASS”. Chinese citizens should do THE FORMER while the Chinese government surely wants them to do THE LATTER.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: ” “China STEPS UP CRACKDOWN on Dissidents With Jailing of Xu Zhiyong”. It’s NOT as if they need to “(step) up (crackdowns)” on people. These “crackdowns” are BRUTAL enough already.


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