Thousands Stranded in ATLANTA After Snowstorm: Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “DEADLY ice storm turns Atlanta into (a) PARKING LOTSTRANDS thousands” (Web-site/URL:

 ”A RARE ice storm turned Atlanta into A SLIPPERY MESS on Wednesday (January 29, 2014), stranding thousands FOR HOURS on frozen roadwaysand raising questions about how city leaders prepared for and handled the cold snap that SLAMMED the U.S. South”We DON’T need any more “messes”.

“The storm, which has KILLED at least seven people, on Tuesday (January 28, 2014) swept over a region of about 60 million largely UNACCUSTOMED to ice and snow – stretching from Texas through Georgia and into the Carolinas – and forecasts called for MORE freezing weatheron Thursday (January 30, 2014)”, something that this region DOESN’T need any more ofAlso notice “unaccustomed” This suggests that people in Atlanta DON’T know how to deal with SIGNIFICANT winter weather.

“Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed came under fire for his response to a storm that trapped hundreds of children in schools overnight (January 28,2014)”some WITHOUT provisionsand created traffic jams stretching for miles on roads coated with TWO inches of snow” which is tough for a city that can’t even deal with ONE inch of snow.

According to Flavia DiCesare, 54, “who spent the night in her office at Cox Enterprises in Atlanta, about 30 miles from home”,Folks are ANGRY with the mayor of Atlanta, (and) with the governor (Nathan Deal)”“anger” is an emotion we DON’T need any more of

“The mayor said schoolsbusinesses  and GOVERNMENT offices  were partly to BLAME for sending all the workers home just as the storm was rolling in”. “The error – and we have SHARED RESPONSIBILITY (?) for the error – the error was letting everybody out at once“. Do POLITICIANS “share responsibility for (errors)” or do they simply BLAME & CRITICIZE OTHERS (Web-site/URL: Of course, it’s THE LATTERReed said GOVERNMENT OFFICES “were partly to blame” which implies HE is “partly to blame” (although he will never admit this).

“The roads, littered with stranded cars, looked like a scene from the television show “Walking Dead”, said DiCesare, who spent the night in her office with about 100 other employees”. ”It looks like ZOMBIES walking on the side of these roads“. Sleeping in an office chair is certainly NOWHERE NEAR as comfortable as sleeping in A WARM BED.

“About 800 traffic accidents were reported in the city, but there were NO SERIOUS INJURIES (?), officials said. At least FIVE deaths in Alabamaand TWO in Georgia were blamed on the weather”. Seven deaths are WORSE THAN “serious injuries”.

“Latasha Wade38, said she was awaiting word of her 31-year-old brother, last heard from Tuesday night (January 28, 2014) after his car was stranded in Atlanta”. ”I don’t know if he’s LAYING OUT IN THE SNOW or what“. “laying out in the snow” is a TERRIFYING predicament.  “It’s the most HURTFUL thing because I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING that’s going on with my brother” obviously/AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: Just like TERMINAL ILLNESSES, being IN LIMBO about loved ones is THE WORST thing that can happen/feeling that someone could have.

“In BirminghamAlabama, authorities said a lack of warning about the treacherous conditions led to thousands being stuck on roads, in shelters and in schools on Tuesday night (January 28, 2014). Snow-clearing vehicles were initially directed south of the city, where the icy conditions were expected to hit”.

According to Mayor William Bell, “We proceeded to have school and have people go to their jobsWHEN IT CAMEIT WAS TOO LATEBell is admitting that he failed while Reed IS NOTWe can tell this because people are ANGRY at REED (Web-site/URL:, but they SHOULD NOT be angry at Bell.

“About 800 students were stranded overnight (January 28, 2014) in Birmingham schools”.

“Nicole Lynch22, a student at Kennesaw State University, was among the Atlanta motorists who found themselves stuck in FRUSTRATING traffic snarls“. ”They SHOULD HAVE at least warned any sort of road crewor taken some precautionsThey SHOULD HAVE canceled school a lot sooner than they did. It’s a lot of SHUDDACUDDAWUDDAS“, which IS NOT good enough.

“A Facebook page called “Stranded Motorists Help Jan 282014″ which has more than 10,000 members, amassed entries fromFRUSTRATED drivers and volunteers trying to come to their aid after the daylong gridlock in the Atlanta metro area”. This is the latest example of people being FRUSTRATEDa fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“Rachel Richter30, said she FINALLY abandoned her car, after sitting in a traffic jam for SIX HOURSThat is BRUTAL It was more the FRUSTRATION that it was just COMPLETE GRIDLOCKNOTHING WAS MOVING AT ALLYou moved like an inch in TWO HOURSThis is another example of FRUSTRATION, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

To conclude, this is the latest example of MOTHER NATURE being BRUTAL and the COMPLETELY INEPT responses from POLITICIANS 


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