The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “McCain Censure the Latest Sign of GOP FRATRICIDE” (Web-site/URL:

“If there were any doubts that Republicans are in the throes of ideological fratricide that could threaten their prospects for success this fall(November 4, 2014), they were dispelled over the weekend in Arizona”.

In a move both bizarre and ILL-TIMEDArizona Republican Party members voted to censure Sen. John McCain – a highly-decorated Vietnam War hero, MAVERICK conservative and 2008 Republican presidential nominee – for being TOO LIBERAL for their taste“. There are THREE things to note right off the bat. First notice “ill-timed”. WILL THIS HURT THE GOP IN 2016? Yahoo! surely is hoping that it WILL because Yahoo! is associated with ABC NewsLIBERAL networkSecondly notice “maverick conservative” with the emphasis being on MAVERICKOn top of this, notice “too liberal for their taste”. Surely we’re talking about many members of the TEA PARTY here. 

 According to “the resolution, which was approved by acclamation”, “Only in times of great crisis or BETRAYAL is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders“. Surely we’re emphasizing BETRAYAL here. ”Today (January 27, 2014) we are faced with BOTH“. Where is the “great crisis?” ”For too long,we have WAITEDHOPING (that) Senator McCain would return to our Party’s (core) values on his ownThat has NOT happened”.

“McCain’s offenses cited in the resolution included working on comprehensive immigration reform, or “amnesty”, and not going along with last year’s (2013) conservative strategy  to “defund President Obama’s signature health-care law, according to a report in The Arizona Republic“, CONSERVATIVE newspaperArizona is a traditionally GOP/CONSERVATIVE state.

The resolution READS LIKE A FEDERAL INDICTMENT on ESPIONAGE chargesCONDEMNING McCain “for his continued DISSERVICE to our state(Arizona) and nation” and said state Republican leaders “WILL NO LONGER support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator”. Could this mean that Arizona could be the latest state to be infiltrated by THE TEA PARTY?

“McCain’s office declined to comment on the resolution over the weekend, but former three-term Republican Sen. Jon Kyl told the newspaper that the move – while not exactly surprising given growing disenchantment with McCain – was “WACKY”. INTERESTING. “I’ve gone to dozens of these meetings and every now and then some WACKY resolution gets passed”. Only THE TEA PARTY could be repeatedly described as “wacky” – this is a party ON THE POLITICAL FRINGES. “But MOST people realize it DOES NOT represent THE MAJORITY of the vast numbers of Republicans”“Kyladded that McCain’s voting record was “VERY conservative”, but still NOT conservative enough for THE EXTREMIST TEA PARTYKyl served in the Senate from 1995-2013 (Web-site/URL:

“McCain’s sins, in the eyes of state party Republicans in Arizona, include his support of the Senate-passed bipartisan immigration reform bill that would provide 11 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. State Republican officials are ADAMANTLY opposed to any bill that smacks of “amnesty” for illegal immigrants and their children”.

“Another sin committed by the often-FREE-WHEELINGCOMBATIVE McCain was clashing with rising conservative Senate stars, including Rand Paulof KentuckyTed Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utahover NATIONAL SECURITY and BUDGET policy as well as Obamacare”There are FOUR things to note here. First, MCCAIN is described as “combative”So, Paul Cruz and Lee ARE NOT “combative?” THIS IS IMPOSSIBLEThey are members of THE EXTREMIST TEA PARTYSecondly, Republicans thinking that they still have an advantage over Democrats when it comes to “national security” is only a PERCEPTION/INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: Thirdly, notice “budget”.Againas we’ve said on numerous occasionsRepublicans are ONLY concerned about SAVING money WITHOUT considering anything else just like CHINESE HOUSEWIVESOn top of all this, GOP opposition to HEALTHCARE REFORM has been there FOREVER.  

“Last March (2013)McCain told the media that Cruz, Paul and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) were “wacko birds” for their outspoken brand of politicking on the HillMcCain also criticized Paul for his nearly 13-hour filibuster that pressured the Obama administration to clarify its position on the use of domestic drones, calling it a “DISSERVICE to A LOT of Americans”Again, Paul, along with Cruz, are EXTREMEAlso, a 13-hour filibuster seems mild when considering that TED CRUZ filibustered for 21 hours (Web-site/URL: 

“McCain later apologized for the “wacko birds” comment, but not before Paul, in a speech to conservatives, dismissed McCain as part of the OLD guard of the GOP that “has grown STALE and MOSS-COVERED”. So “the” NEW “guard of the GOP” is EVEN LESS open to bi-partisanship – NOT a good sign.

“His final misdeed was to side with Democrats last fall (2013) in deriding GOP efforts to block passage of a budget and threaten a government shutdown to force cuts in spending for the Affordable Care Act. In a Sept. 25 (2014) floor speech that drew Democratic praise and GOPhostility, McCain said that while he had VIGOROUSLY opposed passage of Obamacare, “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES”, so we must WORK TOGETHER TO OVERCOME OUR DIFFERENCES WHENEVER POSSIBLE. “I’d remind my colleagues that in the 2012 electionObamacare . . . was a MAJOR issue in the campaign I campaigned all over America for two months everywhere I could and in every single campaign rally I said, ‘And we have to repeal and REPLACE (?) Obamacare’”“replace” with WHAT?  “Wellthe people spokeThey spokemuch to my DISMAYbut they spoke and THEY (the American people) RE-ELECTED the president of the United States”implying that enough people are HAPPY that healthcare reform banning discrimination based on PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS had been passed.

Finally, “Timothy Schwartz, who authored the censure, said McCain “has ABANDONED us and called on party leaders to HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE“.  ”McCain ALWAYS works with Democrats, but NOT with Republicans”, Schwartz said, speaking in support of the censure”.

To conclude, this is the latest example of “fracticide” or “fractured” alliances/POLITICIANS BICKERING/ARGUINGThis will only matter IFMcCain runs for re-election in 2016 when he will be 80(Web-site/URL: If he doesn’t, this will be the latest example of POLITICIANS WASTING THEIR BREATH/TIMEWe also have to wonder: will ARIZONA be the latest state to be infiltrated by THE TEA PARTY? 


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