More WINTER Weather On The EAST Coast: LATimes

The title of a recently released Los Angeles Times article is “Another winter storm PUMMELS Eastern Seaboard” (Web-site/URL:,0,7101925.story#axzz2tJLoS9pY). “pummels” is VIOLENT.

“The SIXTH storm of a LONG, EXHAUSTING winter PARALYZED residents up and down the Eastern Seaboard on Thursday (February 6 2014) as millions struggled with NASTY COMMUTES, WIDESPREAD POWER OUTAGES, GOVERNMENT CLOSURES, CANCELED FLIGHTS and ICY MESSES“. It’s NOT as if we need ANY MORE “(exhaustion)”, “(paralysis)”, “nasty” stuff, “widespread power outages”, “government closures (we had a 16-day government shutdown from OCTOBER 1-16 2013)”“cancelled flights” or “icy messes” or ANY OTHER “messes”

“More than A FOOT of snow fell in areas of Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey one day after the storm battered much of the South. In a winter that has CRUSHED many snowfall records, the latest storm heaved more GRIEF onto shoulders WEARY of the relentless cycle of digging out and preparing anew“. “weary” people DON’T need ANY MORE “grief”.

“At least 18 DEATHS were blamed on the storm, including one in New York that involved a pregnant woman who was hit by a snowplow while loading groceries into her car. Her baby was delivered via Caesarean section”.

“More than  6500 flights were canceled Thursday (February 13 2014) as airports from North Carolina to Toronto struggled to cope with the snow. Meanwhile, at least 700,000 customers were without electricity as utilities struggled to repair power lines downed by HEAVY ICE and FALLING TREES“.

“Governors and mayors pleaded with residents to keep off the roads, especially as freezing night temperatures would make for treacherous driving”.

According to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, “Please continue to respect MOTHER NATURE. It’s VERY, VERY POWERFUL” and DOESN’T COMPROMISE.

“John Townsend of AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Washington (D.C.) office said in an email that many roads were “littered with disabled cars“, which IS NOT good.

“In the Columbia Heights section of Washington, Mike Snyder was out with his dog Pepper early Thursday (February 14 2014). He walked the dog in the middle of the street because many sidewalks were not shoveled. The street is usually packed with traffic, but “there’s NOBODY here” now obviously because everybody’s SNOWED/ICED IN.

“In New York City, always determined to be TOUGHER than anywhere else, officials tried to keep business running normally. Subway trains ran on time and parking meter regulations were still in effect. City schools were open, though after-school activities were closed”. Should people ALWAYS try to be “tough?”

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, “(speaking) during a news conference”, “UNLIKE other cities in the country, we DON’T shut down in the face of some adversity“. IS THIS WORTH IT? 

His seemingly cavalier attitude toward the storm angered some New Yorkers, including Al Roker, a weather forecaster for NBC and The Weather Channel.  A parent himself, Roker complained on Twitter about De Blasio’s decision, saying it ENDANGERED students“. THIS IS TRUE.

Long range DiBlasio forecast: 1 TERM, he wrote”.

Finally, “De Blasio seemed UNFAZED when asked at the news conference about Roker’s tweets”. “It’s a different thing to RUN a city than to give the weather on TV“.


To conclude, “Another winter storm pummels Eastern Seaboard”, while SOUTHERN California continues to BASK IN THE SUNSHINE (Northern California got some rain recently).


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