Reactions To MICHAEL SAM’s Gay Announcement (Chapter 2): CBS

The title of a recently released CBS News article is “Michael Sam says he is GAY: NFL players react” (Web-site/URL:

“On Sunday (February 9, 2014), STAR (?) Missouri football player Michael Sam announced he was GAY. The All-America defensive end – who is projected to be a 2nd or 3rd-round pick in the NFL Draft – could become the first openly gay player in America’s most popular sport”. IS Michael Sam a “star?” THIS IS DEBATABLE because IF Sam were TRULY a “star”he would be a projected FIRST round draft pick

“Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, said his teammates and coaches at Missouri were all SUPPORTIVE when he came out to them in August (2013)”. “HOPEFULLY, it will be the same like my locker room,” he told ESPN”. Unfortunatelyas we’ll find out this IS NOT the case.

According to Chase Daniel, “Had multiple convos with @MikeSamFootball this year (2013), amazed at hisHONESTY & COURAGE ! Once a Tiger, ALWAYS a Tiger”Daniel is SUPPORTIVE of Sam. Daniel played for Mizzou between 2005 & 2008 (Web-site/URL:

According to Jonathan Martin, “HATS OFF TO YOU, Michael Sam, that takes some GUTS” or COURAGE which is in short supply these daysIt’s also ironic that MARTIN is talking about “guts” because he’s engulfed in a mess of his own with RICHIE INCOGNITO (Web-site/URL: Martin is SUPPORTIVE of Sam.

According to DeAngelo Williams, “I could CARE LESS about a man’s sexual preference! i care about WINNING GAMES and (more importantly), BEING RESPECTED IN THE LOCKER ROOM!” This is SUPPORTIVE of Sam.

According to Deion Sanders, “I APPLAUD Missouri DE @MichaelSamfootball for his BRAVERY & HONESTY about who he is. I pray he gets a opportunity 2 play the game he loves!Sanders is SUPPORTIVE of SamSanders is a Hall of Famer who played for the ATLANTA FALCONS (1989-1993)SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (1994), DALLAS COWBOYS (1995-1999), WASHINGTON REDSKINS (2000) and BALTIMORE RAVENS (2004-2005). (Web-site/URL: 

According to Tiki Barber, “GREAT COURAGE by (the) SEC Def POY...It’s time for the NFL to SHOW ITS COLORS!” Barber is SUPPORTIVE of Sam. Tiki Barber was a 3-Time PRO BOWL and 3-Time ALL PRO SELECTION (Web-site/URL:

According to Brendan Ayanbadejo, “After getting to know Michael Sam over the course of the last few weeks, I am VERY IMPRESSED with what I learned“. Ayanbadejo is SUPPORTIVE of Sam. Ayanbadejo is A GAY RIGHTS ADVOCATE (Web-site/URL:

According to Chad Johnson, “That took some courage, but manhis draft stock is going to PLUMMET even though it should be based on PRODUCTION and how he can contribute‼” Johnson is NOT supportive of Sam, but this is TRUE.

According to Zak DeOssie, “BEST OF LUCK in the draft“. DeOssie IS supportive of SamDeOssie is a LONG SNAPPER and LINEBACKER for the NEW YORK GIANTS (Web-site/URL:

According to Khaled Holmes, “Wow! Huge news out of Missouri! GOOD for Michael Sam, a BRAVE move“.  Holmes is SUPPORTIVE of Holmes. Holmes is a CENTER for the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (Web-site/URL: 

“However, the reaction wasn’t all positive. The New York Daily News that Giants defensive back Charles James tweeted:
“1.) your business is your business I DON’T CARE! 2.) When did this become a HEROIC act? I just want to COME OUT and let everybody know that I am … STRAIGHT as hell”. James, like Chad Johnson, is OUTSPOKEN in OPPOSITION to gay rights. 

“A handful of players have previously stated that they would be UNCOMFORTABLE with a gay man in the locker room, including New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma”. “Imagine if he’s the guy next to me and you know, I get dressed, NAKED, TAKING A SHOWER, the whole time and it just so happens he looks at me,HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RESPOND?” Vilma told The NFL Network in an interview last week”. AgainCAN’T ARGUE WITH HIM

“James Brown, the host of “The NFL Today” on CBS Sports and a CBS News special correspondent, said Vilma is NOT in the minority when it comes to THAT (ANTI-GAYattitudeThat will be the kind of environment by and large that Mr. Sam, IF he makes a team, will be walking into”. “if” suggests that there are still DOUBTS about Michael Sam’s ABILITY

Finally, “ senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco asked a handful of NFL players last year how they think a gay player would be received in the locker room. Prisco said the reactions were mixed, but the bottom line is A STAR would be welcomed much easier than a backup“. “IF Sam can get 15 sacks (just as an example), NOBODY WILL CARE (whether he is gay or straight) because he will (then) be considered ESSENTIAL“.   BINGOHowever, we must also note that where a player is DRAFTED out of college can be misleadingSome FIRST round draft picks end up being COMPLETE BUSTS while some SECOND and THIRD round draft picks enjoy a productive professional career. “IF he’s a special teams player, it might be harder (to MAKE IT), based on what the players told me“. This means Michael Sam must try to make a team on DEFENSE instead of LOITERING ON SPECIAL TEAMS if he wants to make an immediate/early impact

To concludeonly CHAD JOHNSON, CHARLES JAMES and JONATHAN VILMA have EXPLICITLY expressed DISLIKE or DISDAIN for Michael SamAgainlet’s see WHERE HE’S DRAFTED and (more importantly)how he performs AFTER getting in to the NFL before we comment any furtherThis should be about Michael Sam THE PLAYER INSTEAD OF Michael Sam the gay man.


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