Latest Controversial Issue (January 23, 2014): MARIJUANA (Yahoo!)

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Obama’s pot comments: The partisan reactions may surprise you” (Web-site/URL:

“President Obama’s comments on marijuana continue to roil US politics Tuesday (Janaury 21, 2014). Some pundits say Mr. Obama has brought needed perspective to the legalization debate by in essence PLAYING DOWN POT’S DANGERS. But others believe he’s wrong on the science of ADDICTION and has made it harder for parents to handle a difficult issue with their kids”. There are TWO things to note here“Pot” DEFINITELY HAS “dangers” which leads us directly on to the SECOND issue of “addiction” because “addiction” IS “dangerous”.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin on her conservative-leaning “Right Turn“: “Whatever we decide to do in terms of legalization … the president might at least REFRAIN FROM giving every teen in the country a comeback to his parents (‘But the president says …‘)”.

More specifically, Obama said: “As has been well documented, (even) I (even) smoked POT as a kid, and I view it as A BAD HABIT and A VICENOT very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life”. WOWThe President ADMITS he ISN’T a saint.

“The president told Mr. Remnick (NEW YORKER magazine editor DAVID REMNICK) that he’s disturbed by the disparities in punishment for marijuana use. Minorities and POOR people are MORE likely to be arrested and locked up for smoking or selling pot than are middle-class (white) Americans, according to Obama”

“But he added that he’s aware that pot legalization could lead to slippery-slope arguments about normalizing the use of other drugs. And the president said that as a parent he’s warned Sasha and Malia about the DANGERS of the drug“. “I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a BAD ideaA WASTE OF TIME” obviously

“Some Republicans do argue that the GOP, as a party, should OPPOSE legalizationRepublican strategist Ed Rogers wrote Monday (Janaury 20, 2014)  that “Republicans need to be CLEAR”: which POLITICIANS NEVER ARE.  “Marijuana use DOESN’T lead to anything helpful or PRODUCTIVE“. “helpful” and “productive” should be the LAST words used to describe POLITICIANSWith all their SPECIAL INTERESTS and ANTICS, they can be only be described as UNPRODUCTIVE“The President WON’T say so, but Republican leaders should”. WILL THEY do this? On top of this, “The President won’t say so” is the latest example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL:

“But others on the (political) right argue that INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY would be increased and SOCIETAL COSTS decreased IF the US DIALED BACK federal opposition to marijuana“. The GOP of course as we know, claims that they are PRO “liberty” while “dialing back” just about EVERYTHING ELSE.

 We should at least be talking about REDUCING the penalties (?)DANGER (?)and illegality for a drug that society decided a long time ago it likes,” writes Allahpundit on the conservative-leaning “Hot Air” site”. There are TWO things to note here. FirstSHOULD WE “(reduce) the penalties” for marijuana smokers? This is HIGHLY controversialOn top of thismarijuana IS DEFINITELY a “dangerous” drug if MISUSED or OVERUSED as is OFTEN the case

“Meanwhile, not all liberals agree with Obama’s comments. Chris Matthews, normally a reliable administration supporter, said on his MSNBC show “Hardball” Monday that Obama is wrong to say pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. Former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and chairman of the advocacy group SMART Approaches to Marijuana, agreed with Mr. Matthews and added that today’s pot is much more potent and DANGEROUS than the weed Obama smoked during his teenage “Choom Gang” days”. “He’s (Obama is) WRONG when he says it isn’t very harmful“. Patrick Kennedy’s struggles with drugs is well-documented (Web-site/URL: That’s A DAMNING CRITICISM from a family that has traditionally been VERY SUPPORTIVE of ObamaTED Kennedy was a long-time mentor of Obama and CAROLINE Kennedy, of course, is now Obama’s Ambassador to JAPAN (Web-site/URL: 

“As to the possible reaction of voters, polls indicate that support for marijuana legalization has recently passed a threshold, with a majority IN FAVOR. Last October(2013) a Gallup poll found 58 percent of Americans said pot should be LEGAL“.

“And Obama’s words may have political effects in the relatively short term. Other states are planning to follow Colorado and Washington State’s lead and put referendums on pot legalization on the ballot”. 

Finally, “In Oregon, for instance, advocates are gathering signatures in a campaign that appears somewhat likely to put recreational marijuana use up to voters in 2014″. More specifically, state Rep. Vicki Berger (R) told The Statesman Journal newspaper”: “The President’s position on the issue “WILL CERTAINLY have an impact on voters in the state of Oregon”Does this mean that Oregon will have more REPUBLICANS in the House in 2015? Oregon only has ONE Republican in the House right now: Rep. GREG WALDEN

To concludethe legalization of marijuana is the latest “hot button” issue and this is setting a BAD example for countries such as CHINAwhere SMOKING is at EPIDEMIC levelsThe Chinese are surely happy about this because they are probably saying: ‘The United States is criticizing us for smoking cigarettes when they are smoking something FAR WORSE’The President has done a lot of good during his almost years in powerbut this CANNOT be counted as a legislative accomplishment because marijuana can be EXTREMELY HARMFUL if it is ABUSED, which it OFTEN is. The legalization of marijuana also sets a TERRIBLE example for recovering drug addicts like CHANE BEHANAN who was dismissed from the LOUISVILLE basketball team in 2013 precisely because of DRUG problems (Web-site/URL:


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