MALAYSIAN AIRLINES Flight Crashes: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is ”Malaysian plane presumed crashed; questions over FALSE IDs” (Web-site/URL:–finance.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory).

“A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew was presumed to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast on Saturday (March 8 2014), and European officials said TWO people on board were USING FALSE IDENTITIES“. THIS IS A DISGRACEThe worst thing someone can possibly be is ”false” or FAKE.

“There were NO reports of bad weather and NO sign of why the Boeing 777-200ER would have vanished from radar screens about an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) for Beijing (PEK)”.

“Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told a news conference”: “We ARE NOT ruling out any possibilities“.

There were NO indications of sabotage nor claims of a terrorist attack. But the passenger manifest issued by the airline included the names of TWO Europeans – AUSTRIAN Christian Kozel and ITALIAN Luigi Maraldi – who, according to their foreign ministries, WERE NOT in fact on the plane”.

“An (Austrian) foreign ministry spokesman in Vienna said: “Our embassy got the information that there was an Austrian on boardThat was the passenger list from Malaysia Airlines. Our system came back with a note that this is A STOLEN PASSPORT“.

“Paul Hayes, director of safety at Flightglobal Ascend aviation consultancy, said the flight would normally have been at a routine stage, having reached initial cruise altitude”. ”Such a SUDDEN disappearance would suggest either that something is happening SO QUICKLY that THERE IS NO OPPORTUNITY TO PUT OUT A MAYDAY, in which case a deliberate act is ONE possibility to consideror that THE CREW IS BUSY coping with what whatever has taken place“.


“John Goglia, a former board member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the U.S. agency that investigates plane crashes, said the lack of a distress call suggested that the plane either experienced AN EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION or was DESTROYED BY AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE“. ”It had to be QUICK because THERE WAS NO COMMUNICATION“. “He said the false identities of the two passengers strongly suggested THE POSSIBILITY OF A BOMBWOW. ”That’s a BIG red flag” obviously

“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing that China was “EXTREMELY (?) worried” about the fate of the plane and those on board. Chinese passengers’ relatives angrily accused the airline of keeping them in the dark, while state media criticized the carrier’s response as poor”. Yeah, China is so “worried” about the passengers on Flight MH370 that they are STILL fighting over the DIAOYU Islands (Web-site/URL: Let’s say these islands do belong to ChinaGiven that there were Chinese passengers about that flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijingthis is certainly NOT the time to ramble on and on about TRIVIAL TERRITORIAL DISPUTESIn factit is EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATEWhen we’re NOTdealing with a disaster of astronomical proportions, it would be perfectly OK to squabble over territorial claimsWHEN PEOPLE ARE GRIEVINGIT IS INAPPROPRIATE.

According to “one middle-aged man at a hotel near Beijing Airport (PEK) where the relatives were taken”, “There’s NO ONE from the company(Malaysian Airlines) hereWE CAN’T FIND A SINGLE PERSONThey’ve just SHUT US IN THIS ROOM and told us to WAITWe want someone to SHOW THEIR FACE“. That clearly HASN’T happened and it most likely NEVER WILL. ”THEY HAVEN’T EVEN GIVEN US THE PASSENGER LISTThis is the prelude to BAD news

Finally, “Another relative, trying to evade a throng of reporters, : “They’re treating us WORSE THAN DOGS“. This is what the CHINESE government has done…for GENERATIONSThe Chinese government still operates under the FAULTY & OUTDATED premise that they are ALWAYS right and they can therefore DO WHATEVER THEY WANTa fundamental example of a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

FRUSTRATION IS MOUNTING as desperate family members wait and search for their loved ones.


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