Quake Makes LOS ANGELES “JITTERY”: Al-Arabiya

The title of a recently released Al-Arabiya article is “Pre-dawn quake JOLTS JITTERY Los Angeles” (Web-site/URL: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/world/2014/03/17/Earthquake-strongly-felt-across-Los-Angeles.html).

“Los Angeles was JOLTED awake Monday (March 17 2014) by a shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 that JANGLED NERVES on the West Coast, but (fortunately) caused NO major damage or casualties“. 

“Wes Lashley told KCAL 9“, “I woke up to feel the building SWAYING FROM SIDE TO SIDE” which is SCARY.

“Local resident Mary Lyon added: “It FELT LIKE a 5.9 or 6 to me”.

“USGS seismologist Robert Graves said small aftershocks would likely continue for a few days, while there was a FIVE percent chance that the quake was a forerunner to a LARGER earthquake“. “This is a reminder that we live in earthquake country here in SOUTHERN California”, he told reporters”.

“Los Angeles resident Yvonne Villanueva told KTLA“: “I was getting ready in the bathroom and ALL OF A SUDDEN, I felt it JOLTYou always have the BIG one in the back of your head“.

Finally, (Los Angeles) Mayor Eric Garcetti finished off: “Today’s (March 17, 2014) earthquake is a reminder that every LA family must be prepared with food, water and other essentials, as well as A (CONTINGENCY/AN EVACUATION) PLAN”. It’s that LAST thing that many people DON’T havePeople in Los Angeles need contingency plans for EARTHQUAKES, not 0.26 inches of rain.

To conclude, we certainly DON’T need ANY MORE “jangled nerves” or “jitters”Californians SHOULD BE/are JUSTIFIABLY “jittery” over EARTHQUAKESThey shouldn’t be “jittery” over 0.26 inches of rain (like people in GLENDORA often are).


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