The title of a recently released NBC News article is “Oregon High School Shooting Leaves Two DEAD: Police” (Web-site/URL:

“A shooter opened fire at a suburban Portland, Oregon, high school Tuesday morning (June 10, 2014), killing a 14-year-old freshman, authorities said”.

“The gunman also died and Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson told an afternoon news conference that he had been tentatively identified but his name would not be released until authorities were 100 percent certain”This will take a LONG time because as we knowalmost NOTHING is “100 percent certain”.

“Anderson also would not say how the gunman died, only that his department was waiting for details from the medical examiner’s office. Anderson would not describe the weapon used, except to say that it was a RIFLE“. “This is a TRAGEDY that’s NOT supposed to happen in any school or to any child“. BINGOOn top of thisonce againwe can refer to what RICHARD MARTINEZ said in the aftermath of his son CHRIS MARTINEZ‘s death in the UC SANTA BARBARA MASSACREthe emphasis should be on THE VICTIMS; NOT “the gunman” (Web-site/URL:  
“Police say the situation at Reynolds High School in Troutdale was “stabilizedwithin an hour after initial calls came in at 8:07 a.m. (11:07 a.m. ET), JUST AS THE SCHOOL DAY WAS BEGINNINGIn this day and age with students going to bed in the wee hours of the morning, at 8:07 AM, students are BARELY awake, making this an IDEAL time for a gunman to attack.

“Anderson identified the student who was killed as Emilio Hoffman, 14. He said Hoffman was killed in a boys locker room in the building housing the school’s gym”.

“He said Hoffman’s parents were “DEVASTATED” by the news”, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: Again, just like we saw with Mr. Martinezthis is every parent’s WORST NIGHTMARE. We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: NO PARENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE HELL OF ONE OF THEIR CHILDREN GOING/DYING BEFORE THEM.

“Anderson expressed appreciation for physical education teacher Todd Rispler, who, DESPITE BEING WOUNDED, was able to get to a school office and initiate lockdown procedures“. Rispler SHOULD JUSTIFIABLY be “appreciated”, because “despite being wounded”he PROTECTED OTHERS.

“A student told NBC station KGW of Portland that he heard TWO gunshots and then saw the gunman, who was NOT wearing a mask, chasing Rispler down a hall”. Rispler said he was grazed on his hip, but was OK“. “I was REALLY SCARED and I wanted to get with my family“. This student was SO “scared” that he DID NOT WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED.

“Junior Jacob Saldana, 16, told NBC News that almost immediately after he got to school, a receptionist told him there was a lockdown and pulled him to a supply closet where a few other students and about six or seven other administrators were taking shelter. One of them was Rispler, who Saldana said was BLEEDING FROM HIS WOUND “. “He was KIND OF (?) traumatized and very quiet. He was WALKING IT OFF“. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to “walk off” A GUNSHOT WOUNDHe was VERY STRONG about itbecause Rispler is A TEACHER whose primary responsibility now is to PROTECT instead of teach his studentsNow, every teacher must be trained to deal with POTENTIAL GUN VIOLENCE at their schools.

“Jacob said that when cops showed up at the closet where he and the others were holed up, they had to prove themselves to the SCARED group”. This is another example of a large group of people being “frightened”We’re talking about TEENAGE KIDS hereSurely they HAD TO BE INCREDIBLY “scared”even FRIGHTENED.

“An officer “slid his card under the door and we all got out, and they LINED US UP. Then they told us to RUN THROUGH THE PARKING LOT“, Jacob “…described the entire episode as “SURREAL“, surelyThis had to be TERRIFYING.

“Linda Florence, superintendent of the Reynolds School District, called it “a VERY TRAGIC day, one that I had hoped would NEVER, EVER be part of my experience“. Unfortunately, Fletcher now MUST DEAL WITH school shootings/violence.

Katherine Cook tweeted: ” Just found out my Reynolds track coach/friend Todd Rispler was GRAZED ON the hip.(Fortunately), he’s OK“.

“Anderson stressed that this was a “LONE gunman” but did note that, unrelated to the shooting, “during the EVACUATION process, a gun was found on one person“. That person was taken into custody”. WOW“a gun was found on one person during the EVACUATION process”surely CAUSING MORE PANIC.

“One student who was reunited with his mom felt RELIEF and said, “It feels GOOD to be back with her“, obviously. “He said there was chaos in his classroom after the lockdown was announced over the intercom”. “NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON. We all WENT (?) to the back of the classroom“. “went” surely = RUSHED/SCRAMBLED

“Max Maydew, a grandfather of TWO Reynolds students, told the Oregonian“: “This SHOULDN’T HAPPEN in Troutdale”. “This shouldn’t happen” ANYWHERE. “You DON’T EXPECT something like that to happen in your hometown“. BINGO.

Finally, “At an event Monday (June 9, 2014) at the White House, President Barack Obama said he was FRUSTRATED that “this society has NOT been willing to take some BASIC steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just UNBELIEVABLE DAMAGE. We’re THE ONLY DEVELOPED country on Earth where this happensAnd it happens now ONCE A WEEKwhich, again, is UNACCEPTABLEAgainwhat is BEING DONE to LIMIT the NRA’s power? And again the President is FRUSTRATED (Web-site/URL:, but unable or (more likely) UNWILLING to do anything significant/of substance to limit these massacres.

So, TROUTDALE (Population: 16000) is the latest small town in the news for the WRONG reason: ANOTHER MASSACRE.


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