The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Defeated U.S. Congress leader Cantor LEAVES POLITICAL OPTIONS OPEN

“U.S. congressional leader Eric Cantor took to the airwaves on Sunday (June 15, 2014) to TRY to rebuild his political reputation after a STUNNING primary election loss that has SHAKEN the Republican Party and REFUSED to rule out a future run for public office“. There are FOUR things to note right off the bat. First, “(rebuilding) his political reputation” will TAKE TIMESecondly, we must reiterate once again that Cantor’s loss was indeed STUNNING. Thirdly, this has “shaken the Republican Party” in the sense that “the Republican Party” now moves FURTHER TO THE RIGHTOn top of this, “public office”, often referred to as “public SERVICE” is clearly a misnomer as most “public servants” only “serve” THEMSELVES/THEIR OWN SELFISH interests.

“The House of Representatives Majority Leader, who since 2011, has held the No. 2 job in the 435-member chamber, will step down on July 31 (2014) after losing his bid to be his party’s candidate for an EIGHTH two-year term as a congressman from Virginia”.

“Cantor will also be forced to leave Congress at the end of this year (2014), which would seem to end his dream of eventually becoming Speaker of the House”.

“But on two Sunday (June 15, 2014) television talk shows, Cantor left OPEN the door to REKINDLING his political career sometime in the future and DEFENDED his work as Majority Leader”There are TWO things to note here. First CAN Cantor’s “political career” BE “rekindled?” On top of thisthis is the latest example of a POLITICIAN being DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: Speaking on ABC‘s “This Week”, Cantor said: “I want to take what I’ve been doing here (in the House) … and be able to really look towards the future so I can really continue to promote and be a champion for THE CONSERVATIVE CAUSE” which HE WILL SURELY DO. “I do want to PLAY A ROLE IN THE PUBLIC DEBATE“. That WON’T be hard.

“Cantor ANGERED MANY  conservatives by BACKING a SOFTER policy toward foreign-born children brought into the United States illegally by their parents”, otherwise known as the DREAM Act.

“On Sunday (June 15, 2014), Cantor skated over that conflict, telling CNN, “I have always said that I was for THE KIDS,  who, DUE TO NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, find themselves here and know no other place as home“. Well, Cantor ISN’T EXACTLY “(skating) over” the DREAM Act issue. He STILL SUPPORTS it but it doesn’t matter now because he’s LOST and his political career is OVER…at least for the time being

“Some leading House Republicans DOWNPLAYED the idea that Cantor’s loss was bad news for their party, arguing instead that it was a harbinger (omen; sign) of PROBLEMS for the opposition Democrats” especially with the GOP moving once again towards the political RIGHT.

Finally, according to Representative Greg Walden of Oregon,  “(speaking) during an interview on “Fox News Sunday“, “What you have is conservatives at the GRASSROOTS level who are FIRED UP like they were in 2010 and it’s going to play out in the fall and it’s NOT going to be good for the Democrats”. “the grassroots level” of the GOP and 2010of course, both refer to THE TEA PARTY. 2010 was the year that RAND PAUL took the Senate by storm after JIM BUNNING decided NOT to seek re-electionIf this is the caseTHIS IS INDEED “not going to be good for the Democrats”

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Defeated U.S. Congress leader Cantor leaves political options open”, but can he REALISTICALLY MAKE A COMEBACKTHAT’S ANYBODY’S GUESS.


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