The title of a recently released  NBC News article is “ISIS Jihadists Send Video Message to English Speakers: JOIN US” (Web-site/URL:

“A new ISIS propaganda video that drew attention Friday (June 20 2014) for featuring English-speaking jihadists is a carefully crafted message meant to demonstrate the group’s popularity and strength, experts tell NBC News“.

“In the video, at least FIVE fighters sit in a wooded area, with the black flag of ISIS planted in the ground behind them. Three of the fighters speak to the camera, ALL of them speaking English”.

According to “one fighter, who is identified as BRITISH, “We have BROTHERS from Bangladeshfrom Iraqfrom CambodiaAustralia (and the) UK”.

According to “another fighter, who is also identified as BRITISH, “All my BROTHERS, COME TO jihadFeel the HONOR we are feeling, feel the HAPPINESS that we are feeling“. This seems like a RECRUITING call and this BRITISH guy clearly seems to be PROUD of himself.

The first fighter went on: “We have participated in battles in Sham and we will go to Iraq and fight there in a few days“.

According to Laith Alkhouri, “a senior analyst with Flashpoint Global Partners, (speaking) of Al Hayet Media Center”, “It preaches specifically to FOREIGN fighters, especially to those in THE WEST

Finally, according to Brian Fishman, “a fellow at the New America Foundation”, “A release in English is going to get them more play in our media” obviously. “They STUDY us. They study us CLOSELY. They know that when there is a release in English, we not only talk about it more, we reflect on what it MEANSagain obviously


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