Latest “Warning” From CHINA About HONG KONG’s “Interests”: CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “Pro-democracy activism NOT in Hong Kong’s interestChina warns” (Web-site/URL:

“As POTENTIALLY (?) hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens prepare to take to the streets in a now-annual display of public DISAPPROVAL (?) of Beijing’s interference in the city’s affairs, voices in China’s STATE-run press are warning that the protests are a BAD idea“. There are FOUR things to note right off the batFirst“hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong citizens” WILL participate; there’s NO “potentially” about thisSecondly, this is MUCH MORE than “disapproval”This is more like ANGER/DISGUST/RESENTMENT/FRUSTRATION (Web-site/URL: On top of thisOF COURSE, “voices in China’s state-run press are warning that the protests are a bad idea” because this is what the Chinese government wants people to BELIEVE (Web-site/URL:

“Hong Kong is governed according to China’s “one countryTWO SYSTEMS (?)” model, ENJOYING A HIGH (?) DEGREE OF AUTONOMY in its governmentjudiciary and legal systems under a leadership APPROVED BY BEIJING (?)” There are TWO things to note hereFirstwhere are the “two systems” in Hong Kong? It seems like Hong Kong is being FORCED INTO “one country” alongside CHINA (Web-site/URL: On top of thiswhat kind of “autonomy” is there in Hong Kong when EVERYTHING MUST BE “approved by Beijing?” Againit seems like there is NONE.

“The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council emphasized on Monday (June 30, 2014) that the referendum is “ILLEGAL and INVALID” The following day (July 1 2014) the Chinese edition of the GLOBAL (?) Times, a STATE-run publication known for its UNCOMPROMISING op-edspublished an editorial warning that recent pro-democracy activities — including the referendumas well as the upcoming rally and sit-inare POLARIZING Hong Kong society”. Againthere are TWO things to note hereFirst“The Global Times” should be renamed “the” CHINESE “Times”On top of thisCHINA is “polarizing Hong Kong society” & NOT pro-democracy activists.

“The article urges Hong Kong people not to be “KIDNAPPED” by the radical opposition”. “Hong Kong people” are being “kidnapped” by BEIJING & THE COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

“Another STATE MOUTHPIECE, the English-language China Daily, points out in an article that political forces calling for full autonomy in Hong Kong are ignoring economic realities”. “Without the mainland(Hong Kong) would be left with only HALF of its TRADE, ONE-FOURTH of its FOREIGN INVESTMENT and VISITORS, not to mention only one-tenth of its water and food supply”Again “state mouthpiece” only SPITS OUT PROPAGANDA.

“Weibo, China’s microblogging platform, showed a more diverse range of opinions on Hong Kong’s recent pro-democracy activities, with users in the mainland, with positions ranging from SUPPORT to scathing criticism of Hong Kong’s political aspirations”.

According to @lddldd0000.Hong Kong people KNOW where their interest lies in and they DON’T need your (Global Times) PHONY kindness“.

“The view was echoed by @Pianyezhiqiu, who posted: “Residents in Hong Kong HAVE political IDEALS. They’re NOT like THE PUPPETS who only chase after benefits.”

“However, NOT all netizens were as tolerant of Hong Kong’s political experiments”. “Thereferendum‘ ‘occupy centralsuch and such are AGAINST the Basic Law and therefore, the acts are INVALID and ILLEGAL“, said @ htkg2011″.

Finally, “User @Mingweizhe was a little more phlegmatic (unemotional)”. “Let’s IGNORE them. Let Hong Kong people HANDLE THEIR OWN BUSINESS“. Again, it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that China will allow this.

To concludelet’s return once again to the title: “Pro-democracy activism not in Hong Kong’s interest, China warns”. This “warning” sounds like another THREAT and GOES AGAINST the aspirations of the Hong Kong people.



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