NOURI AL-MALIKI “under pressure” AS USUAL: Fox

The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Iraq’s prime minister al-Maliki under pressure amid militant offensive” (Web-site/URL:

“Iraq’s Shiite prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, embattled by the militant offensive sweeping his country’s north, faces growing calls for him to be forced out of office as Al-Qaeda inspired insurgents press (ever) closer to (the capital) Baghdad”.

“Nouri al-Maliki, who rose from relative obscurity to the country’s top political office in 2006, has seen his credibility CHALLENGED by the Sunni militants of the Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)”. We have to wonder IF al-Maliki has ANY “credibility” given that he has done almost NOTHING to stabilize IRAQ

With the country NOW IN TURMOIL, al-Maliki’s rivals have mounted a campaign to force him out of office, with some angling for support from Western backers and regional heavyweights. On Thursday (June 19 2014), their effort received a MASSIVE (?) boost from President Barack Obama”. Iraq has been “in turmoil” since 2003 when the United States invaded ON A FALSE PREMISE of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTIONS

“Obama STOPPED SHORT of calling for Nouri al-Maliki to resign, saying “IT’S NOT OUR JOB to choose Iraq’s leaders“. But, his carefully worded comments did all but that”. The President is saying “It’s not our job to choose Iraq’s leaders”but the United States is HEAVILY involved in Iraq’s affairs once again.

Only leaders that can govern with an INCLUSIVE agenda are going to be able to truly bring the Iraqi people together and help them through this crisis“. NO government is ENTIRELY “inclusive”. In other words, in every government there will be a MAJORITY and minority party (except in ONE-party societies of course).   

We’ve said publicly, that whether (al-Maliki) is prime minister or any other leader aspires to lead the country, that there has to be an agenda in which Sunni, Shiite and Kurd ALL feel that they have the OPPORTUNITY to advance their interest through THE POLITICAL PROCESS“. Unfortunately, as we know, “the political process” in IRAQ is A DISASTER/MESS.

“Al-Maliki, who has long faced criticism for not making his government more inclusive, went on a diplomatic offensive this week, reaching out in a televised address to try to regain support from the nation’s DISAFFECTED Sunnis and Kurds”. “disaffected” = DISILLUSIONED and when people are disillusioned they tend to act in IRRATIONAL ways or at least in ways they WOULDN’T behave under NORMAL circumstancesHowever of course, things in IRAQ HAVEN’T been normal for such a LONG time now. “His CONCILIATORY (?) words, coupled with a vow to teach the militants a “lesson,” came as almost all Iraq’s main communities have been drawn into A SPASM OF VIOLENCE not seen since the dark days of sectarian killings nearly A DECADE ago”“conciliatory” and “teach the militants a lesson” is a VERY STRANGE combination indeedIn fact they DON’T go together“conciliatory” people seek PEACE THROUGH DIALOGUE while “teach the militants a lesson” must be done through VIOLENT means and as we know, IRAQ has seen TOO MUCH “violence” over the last 10+ years (since 2003)

“Mohammed al-Khaldi, a top aide to outgoing Sunni speaker of parliament, Osama al-Nujaifi, said: “We have asked the Americans, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran to work toward DENYING al-Maliki a new term. The Shiite bloc MUST FIND A REPLACEMENT for him“. WOW It’s EXTREMELY ironic that AmericaSAUDI ARABIA and IRAN can be mentioned in the same sentence/breath because as we know, SAUDI ARABIA and IRAN are UNDEMOCRATIC countries.

“A leading Sunni tribal chief also said al-Maliki has to GO“. “Sheik Ali Hatem al-Suleiman told The Associated Press in the northern Kurdish city of Irbil”. “I think that most of Obama’s speech, but not all of it, it was SHALLOW and didn’t address the heart of the matter.The REAL problem in Iraq is AL-MALIKI HIMSELF. U.S. policy cannot rely on a PARALYZED man who has lost control of Iraq, when he is the one who took Iraq to this point“. al-Suleiman seems to be OUTSPOKEN in his OPPOSITION to OBAMA & MALIKI.

Finally, “Al-Maliki has been adopting CONCILIATORY (?) language in recent days toward Sunnis and Kurds. He said the militant threat affects all Iraqis, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation, and called on Iraqis to drop all “Sunnis and Shiites” talk. The ongoing crisis, al-Maliki said, had made Iraqis rediscover “NATIONAL UNITY (?)” Again, unfortunately, as we know, “national unity” still seems to be a LONG way off.

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Iraq’s prime minister al-Maliki under pressure amid militant offensive”. OK, al-Maliki is “under pressure”but will Iraqis be able to FORCE HIM TO RESIGN/OUT?



The title of a recently released CBS News article is “Student and teen gunman DEAD in Oregon school shooting” (Web-site/URL:

A STUDENT victim is DEAD and the male gunman is ALSO DECEASED after shots were fired Tuesday morning (June 10, 2014) at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Ore., east of Portland, Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson said”.

“A law enforcement official tells CBS News (that) the shooter was also A STUDENT “.

“Officers responded to the school shortly after 8 a.m. (June 10 2014). Police said the SUSPECT was found dead in a school bathroom, slumped on a toilet and that he likely KILLED HIMSELF “.

The situation is now STABILIZED, according to police” THANKFULLY.

“Police spokesman Sgt. Carey Kaer said police used a robot with a camera to investigate and discovered the SUSPECT was dead. Kaer also said the SHOOTER was a male teen”. This reinforces RICHARD MARTINEZ‘s claim again that TOO MUCH attention is being given to the KILLER and NOT enough is being said about the VICTIM(s) (Web-site/URL:

 (Speaking) at a brief news conference Tuesday (June 10, 2014)“, Anderson said: “I’m VERY, VERY SORRY for the family and for all the students and everyone who will be impacted by this TRAGIC incident“. This is the latest “sorry” to come AFTER a rampage

According to Reynolds School District Superintendent Linda Florence, “(speaking) at the same news conference”, “This is a VERY TRAGIC day, one that I had HOPED would NEVER, EVER be part of my experience“. EMPTY RHETORIC.

According to Troutville Mayor Doug Doust, “This has been a VERY UNSETTLING day for our precious city…. My heart goes out to all the families“. More EMPTY RHETORIC.

KOIN reports a student inside the 2,800-student school tweeted just after 9 a.m. that while some students had been evacuated, MOST” were on lockdown. One student reportedly told a parent the shooting began in the school’s gymnasium, though police have not been able to confirm specific details”.

“Freshman Daniel DeLong, 15, said while waiting after the shooting that he saw a physical education teacher at the school with A BLOODIED SHIRT “. “I’m A LITTLE SHAKEN UP. I’m just WORRIED“, AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: “He said he was texting friends to make sure they were all okay”. “It just, like, happened SO FAST, you know?” 

“Freshman Morgan Rose, 15, said she was hunkered down in a locker room with another student and two teachers”. “It was SCARY in the moment now knowing everything’s okay“. There’s another expression of FEAR.

Finally, “Following the shooting, President Obama reflected on gun violence in a Tumblr chat Tuesday (June 10 2014), saying, “We’re THE ONLY DEVELOPED COUNTRY WHERE THIS HAPPENS and it happens now ONCE A WEEK. …I mean, our levels of gun violence are OFF THE CHARTS, there’s NO ADVANCED DEVELOPED country on earth that would put up with this“.

“He said one of his biggest regrets during his five-and-a-half years in the White House is “the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns of the hands of people who can do just, unbelievable damage“. This is all because of THE NRA.

What DOESN’T “rile” CHINA? Reuters

The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Hong Kong’s democracy ‘referendumlikely to RILE China’s ommunists” (Web-site/URL:

“Hong Kong holds a controversial “referendum” on democracy on Friday (June 20, 2014), a prelude to an escalating campaign of dissent that could shut down the former British colony’s financial district and further ANGER China’s Communist Party leaders”. The question is NOT what “angers China’s Communist Party”. Instead, It is what DOESN’T “anger China’s Communist Party?” Almost NOTHING.

An AFFLUENT city of seven million that returned to Chinese rule in 1997, Hong Kong’s longstanding push for full democracy is reaching what could be BOILING point with tens of thousands expected to vote in the unofficial referendum for full democracy from Friday (June 20, 2014) until Sunday (June 22, 2014)”As we know “boiling point” is DANGEROUS.

“While Beijing has allowed Hong Kong to go ahead with a popular vote for the city’s top leader (Chief Executive) in 2017, the most far-reaching experiment in democracy in China since the Communist takeover in 1949, senior Chinese officials have RULED OUT allowing the public to nominate candidates” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“Instead, Beijing insists a small committee of largely PRO-BEIJING loyalists choose who gets on the ballot, which would effectively render the ability to vote MEANINGLESS” which is EXACTLY WHAT CHINA WANTS.

“One of the founders of the Occupy Central protest movement, academic Benny Tai, hopes that its June 20-22 (2014) referendum will draw up to 300,000 people to strengthen the legitimacy of the group’s demands for a FAIR and REPRESENTATIVE (?) election in 2017 that would include opposition Democrats”. There are TWO things to note here. First what exactly is “fair and representative?” This is open to INTERPRETATIONS(Web-site/URL: SecondlyBenny Tai is an associate LAW professor at THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (Web-site/URL:

“But a cyber-attack this week crippled the online voting system, meaning the organizers may have to rely on the results from 15 voting stations to be set up on Sunday (June 22, 2014) instead if it is not fixed by then”. This “cyber attack” was surely orchestrated by CHINA LOYALISTS

More specifically, Tai said: “AS I SEE IT, we are under such serious attack it shows exactly that Beijing is TAKING US SERIOUSLY“. “As I see it” is the latest INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: “We are using the CIVIL (?) referendum to TELL Beijing what is our BASELINE , that is TRUE democracy must be something allowing electors to have GENUINE CHOICES“. There are TWO things to note here. First Hong Kong DOESN’T define the “baseline”; CHINA doesOn top of this China has made it very clear that they will NOT allow Hong Kong to have “genuine choices”.

“Rita Fan, a senior Hong Kong delegate to China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, said the Occupy protests would hurt Hong Kong and stoke Beijing’s MISTRUST of the city“. “I understand from listening to various people who are officials from the mainland that they DO NOT wish to see this happen, but they are NOT afraid IF it happens“. Fan is one of these “officials from the mainland” because Fan herself is A CHINA LOYALIST (just look at her record as LegCo President). “It only HURTS Hong Kong If the Hong Kong police force is unable to contain the situation, then the international ratings agencies may consider that Hong Kong is politically NOT stable and that may affect our rating“. “politically not stable” is obviously NOT good.

According to Hong Kong-based risk consultancy, Steve Vickers and Associates, “Disorder that is too intense for the Hong Kong police to handle could justify deployment of THE PLA to RESTORE STABILITY. Such a scenario is unlikely, but would present a MAJOR threat to businesses and to Hong Kong’s AUTONOMY and reputation“. BINGO“the PLA (presents) a MAJOR threat” to Hong Kong IN GENERAL.  

Finally, “Retired Chinese diplomat Zhou Nan said in June  that “we COULD NOT allow Hong Kong to turn into a base to SUBVERT China’s socialist regime UNDER THE GUISE OF democracy“. This is yet more evidence that China is DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: and obsessed with ANTI-“subversion”.

To concludelet’s return once again to the title: “Hong Kong’s democracy ‘referendum’ likely to rile China’s communists”. The question is NOT what “riles China”. The question is: what DOESN’T “rile China?” The answer to that question is: NOTHING because (almost) EVERYTHING “riles China”.


The title of a recently released Reuters article is “Defeated U.S. Congress leader Cantor LEAVES POLITICAL OPTIONS OPEN

“U.S. congressional leader Eric Cantor took to the airwaves on Sunday (June 15, 2014) to TRY to rebuild his political reputation after a STUNNING primary election loss that has SHAKEN the Republican Party and REFUSED to rule out a future run for public office“. There are FOUR things to note right off the bat. First, “(rebuilding) his political reputation” will TAKE TIMESecondly, we must reiterate once again that Cantor’s loss was indeed STUNNING. Thirdly, this has “shaken the Republican Party” in the sense that “the Republican Party” now moves FURTHER TO THE RIGHTOn top of this, “public office”, often referred to as “public SERVICE” is clearly a misnomer as most “public servants” only “serve” THEMSELVES/THEIR OWN SELFISH interests.

“The House of Representatives Majority Leader, who since 2011, has held the No. 2 job in the 435-member chamber, will step down on July 31 (2014) after losing his bid to be his party’s candidate for an EIGHTH two-year term as a congressman from Virginia”.

“Cantor will also be forced to leave Congress at the end of this year (2014), which would seem to end his dream of eventually becoming Speaker of the House”.

“But on two Sunday (June 15, 2014) television talk shows, Cantor left OPEN the door to REKINDLING his political career sometime in the future and DEFENDED his work as Majority Leader”There are TWO things to note here. First CAN Cantor’s “political career” BE “rekindled?” On top of thisthis is the latest example of a POLITICIAN being DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL: Speaking on ABC‘s “This Week”, Cantor said: “I want to take what I’ve been doing here (in the House) … and be able to really look towards the future so I can really continue to promote and be a champion for THE CONSERVATIVE CAUSE” which HE WILL SURELY DO. “I do want to PLAY A ROLE IN THE PUBLIC DEBATE“. That WON’T be hard.

“Cantor ANGERED MANY  conservatives by BACKING a SOFTER policy toward foreign-born children brought into the United States illegally by their parents”, otherwise known as the DREAM Act.

“On Sunday (June 15, 2014), Cantor skated over that conflict, telling CNN, “I have always said that I was for THE KIDS,  who, DUE TO NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, find themselves here and know no other place as home“. Well, Cantor ISN’T EXACTLY “(skating) over” the DREAM Act issue. He STILL SUPPORTS it but it doesn’t matter now because he’s LOST and his political career is OVER…at least for the time being

“Some leading House Republicans DOWNPLAYED the idea that Cantor’s loss was bad news for their party, arguing instead that it was a harbinger (omen; sign) of PROBLEMS for the opposition Democrats” especially with the GOP moving once again towards the political RIGHT.

Finally, according to Representative Greg Walden of Oregon,  “(speaking) during an interview on “Fox News Sunday“, “What you have is conservatives at the GRASSROOTS level who are FIRED UP like they were in 2010 and it’s going to play out in the fall and it’s NOT going to be good for the Democrats”. “the grassroots level” of the GOP and 2010of course, both refer to THE TEA PARTY. 2010 was the year that RAND PAUL took the Senate by storm after JIM BUNNING decided NOT to seek re-electionIf this is the caseTHIS IS INDEED “not going to be good for the Democrats”

To conclude, let’s return once again to the title: “Defeated U.S. Congress leader Cantor leaves political options open”, but can he REALISTICALLY MAKE A COMEBACKTHAT’S ANYBODY’S GUESS.


The title of a recently released Fox News article is “Cantor UPSET in Virginia GOP primary by TEA PARTY-backed challenger” (Web-site/URL:

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his GOP Virginia primary race to Tea Party-backed challenger Dave Brat Tuesday night (June 10, 2014) in a STUNNING upset“.

“Brat, an economics professor and political novice, latched onto the hot-button issue of IMMIGRATION, ACCUSING Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the GOP-led House, of supporting immigration legislation that would give “amnesty” to millions of people living illegally in the United States”. There are TWO things to note here. First “accusing” is our first example of BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL: Secondly/On top of this “immigration” is the latest “hot button issue” with Republicans surely supporting JOHN MCCAIN‘s “Complete the danged fence” approach (Web-site/URL: “If you go KNOCKING DOOR TO DOOR, you’ll know (that) the American people think (that) they’re IN TROUBLE. It was a MIRACLE. God gave us (Brat & THE TEA PARTY) this win“. Again there are TWO things to note here. First, when “people think (that) they’re in trouble”they do things that they WOULDN’T normally do and they tend to vote for someone they WOULDN’T normally vote forThis PLAYS RIGHT INTO Brat and the Tea Party’s hands.

“He (Brat) said he enjoyed Tea Party support, but was a candidate focused on Republican PRINCIPLESincluding FREE MARKETS and (STRICT)adherence to the Constitution”Of course, these “principles” are RIGIDLY DOGMATIC.

“Cantor conceded defeat about an hour after the race was called, confirming THE BIGGEST upset victory of this year’s (the 2014) election cycle and a MAJOR blow to the core of the GOP”.

“(Cantor) told a small crowd in Richmond”, “It’s DISAPPOINTINGBut I BELIEVE IN THIS COUNTRY. I believe there is opportunity around THE NEXT corner”, now that HIS POLITICAL CAREER IS COMING TO A CLOSE.

“In the closing weeks of the race, Brat tried to tie the SEVEN-term congressman’s support for legal status for children who have illegally entered the country to the situation of hundreds of children from Central America pouring illegally across the southern U.S. border, creating a HUMANITARIAN crisis“. “humanitarian crisis” is exactly the argument that EMPLOYERS OF DOMESTIC HELPERS IN HONG KONG USE: this is the “We cannot support” argument” 

“Cantor, once considered next in line to take over for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, fought back in part by pointing out that he helped BLOCK Senate plans “to give illegal aliens amnesty“.

“Brat also said Cantor, who was first elected in 2000 and has ties to Tea Party-backed lawmakers in Congress, had spent TOO MUCH time in Washington and LOST TOUCH with the conservative base in his Richmond-area district”. “spent too much time in Washington” and “lost touch with” suggest that 2014 could be another year of WASHINGTON INSIDER vs. WASHINGTON OUTSIDERjust like we saw in the 2010 mid-term elections when HOUSE Democrats lost A STAGGERING 63 seats (Web-site/URL:,_2010). So Cantor is a Washington INSIDER who has GONE DOWN/LOST.

“Despite the attacks, Cantor had APPEARED well positioned for reelection”. As we know “appearances” can be DECEIVING.

“The most recent campaign finance reports showed he spent more than $1 million in April and May (2014), but still has more than $1.5 million in the bank”

“Brat, by contrast, raised just more than $200,000 for his campaign, according to the reports”. “Dollars DON’T vote, PEOPLE do“. BINGO.

According to Boehner, “Eric Cantor and I have been through A LOT together. He’s A GOOD FRIEND and a great leader and someone I’ve come to rely upon on a daily basis as we make the tough choices that come with governing. My thoughts are with him and (wife) Diana and their kids (Evan, Jenna & Michael) tonight (June 11, 2014)”.  

“One former senior House Republican close to Boehner described Cantor’s loss as “DEVASTATING to the party,” before adding that it may not be to Boehneras THERE IS NO ONE ELSE NOW” or more accurately “no one” WHO CAN CHALLENGE BOEHNER FOR THE SPEAKER’S GAVEL “now”. “We need Boehner NOW MORE THAN EVER. Can Boehner step up?” to PROTECT MAINSTREAM Republicans from THE TEA PARTY.

“Democrats REVELED in the loss“.

“In a FUNDRAISING email”, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) said: “From Day One of (President) Obama’s presidency, Eric Cantor HAS USED EVERY DIRTY TRICK TO BLOCK the Democratic agenda“. Again there are TWO things to note here. First, notice “fundraising”. Well, Brat has demonstrated that politics IS NOT ALWAYS about MONEYOn top of this, the Tea Party has EVEN MORE “dirty tricks” up their sleeves than people like Cantor do.

 According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, “Eric Cantor has long been THE FACE of House Republicans’ EXTREME policies, DEBILITATING DYSFUNCTION and MANUFACTURED crises“, which BOTH parties are responsible for. “Tonight (June 11, 2014) is a MAJOR victory for The Tea  Party as they yet again PULL the Republican Party FURTHER to the RADICAL right. We DON’T need ANY MORE “radicals” in society today. There are more than enough of those already. “As far as the midterm elections are concerned, IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME indeed.

“The Brat victory was by far THE BIGGEST of the 2014 campaign season for Tea Party forces, though last week (June 10, 2014) they forced veteran Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran into a June 24 (2014) runoff with state Sen. Chris McDaniel”.

According to “a source familiar with both campaigns (Cochran & Cantor), “Thad Cochran (and) Eric Cantor. They were PLAYING WITH FIRE“. WellCantor “(was) playing with fire” and Cochran “is playing with fire” since COCHRAN HASN’T lost yet. “It will force the Republicans to move FURTHER TO THE RIGHT. … You have what could be CHAOS for leadership. They could GET CAUGHT UP in the politics of this and that GETS THEM AWAY FROM ANY POLITICAL AGENDA“. Well, the GOP could BLAME the LACK OF a “political agenda” on PRESIDENT OBAMA ahead of the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL elections.

Finally, “Jay S. Poole, a Cantor volunteer, said Brat tapped into WIDESPREAD FRUSTRATION among voters about THE GRIDLOCK in Washington and issues such as IMMIGRATION”..”I can’t tell you how AMAZING this is to me”. There are THREE things to finish off. First, when people are “frustrated”they tend to do things that they WOULDN’T USUALLY do“frustration”, of course, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: Secondly, “immigration” is mentioned once againOn top of this, Poole is getting emotional here because with ERIC CANTOR being voted out POOLE IS ALSO LOSING HIS JOB as a staffer.

To conclude, Cantor had won all of his previous SEVEN election and re-election campaigns dating back to 2000with at least 58% of the vote (Web-site/URL: SoTHIS WAS INDEED “a STUNNING upset” by Brat

Latest Violence In BAGHDAD: Yahoo7

The title of a recently released Yahoo7 article is “Iraq militants move nearer Baghdad in lightning offensive” (Web-site/URL:

“Militants seized the Iraqi city of Tikrit, but security forces thwarted an assault on Samarra, as a lightning jihadist offensive launched in second city Mosul swept closer to Baghdad”.

“Since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)  began its spectacular assault in Mosul late on Monday, militants have captured a large swathe of northern and north-central Iraq, prompting as many as half a million people to flee their homes” or more accurately, were “(fleeing)” FOR THEIR LIVES.

“The speed with which ISIL and its allies have advanced after their seizure on Tuesday (June 10 2014) of Mosul — a city of two million peoplehas SENT ALARM BELLS RINGING in Western capitals”. It’s NOT as if we need any more “alarm bells”.

“It has also triggered A HOSTAGE CRISIS for Ankara, which THREATENED harsh reprisals IF 49 Turks seized by the jihadists at its consulate in the main northern city were harmed”. These “49 Turks” most likely WILL BE “harmed” so we must wonder how “harsh” these “reprisals” will be.

“ISIL vowed on Twitter that it would “not stop this series of BLESSED (?) invasions” that has seen the fall of the whole of Nineveh province in the north and swathes of Kirkuk and Saleheddin provinces further south”. “blessed invasions” reinforces the fact that ISIL is A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION/GROUP.

According to “a police colonel said of the Salaheddin provincial capital, which lies half way between Baghdad and Mosul”, ALL of Tikrit is in the hands of THE MILITANTS” and that’s NOT good.

“In his weekly address Wednesday (June 11 2014), Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki merely renewed his call to arm civilians to resist the jihadists”.

“Maliki urged Nineveh’s residents “and its tribes to STAND WITH (?) the army and police”Can IRAQ‘s “army and police” be “trusted?”

“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the violence and warned that “terrorism must NOT be allowed to succeed in undoing the path toward democracy in Iraq”. As we have seen, this “path toward democracy” in Iraq has been and will continue to be EXTREMELY ROCKY.

According to his (Ban’s) spokesman Stephane Dujarric, “Banurges the international community to UNITE (?) in showing solidarity with Iraq as it confronts this SECURITY security challenge“. As we know “the international community” is DEEPLY DIVIDED on MANY issues.

“Washington has warned that ISIL THREATENS THE ENTIRE REGION and PROMISED MORE AID for the Baghdad government”. HOW MUCH “aid” are we talking about here?

“State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US was committed to “working with the Iraqi government and leaders across Iraq to support a UNIFIED (?) approach against ISIL’s continued AGGRESSION“. There are TWO things to note here. First, will this “approach (vs ISIL)” be “unified?” Secondly/On  top of this, “aggression” is our first example of the FORCE & PAIN TECHNIQUE (Web-site/URL:   

“In Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said SHIITE Iranoffers its support to the government and people of Iraq against terrorism“. Can the new government of Iran be trusted?

“The swift collapse of Baghdad’s control, which comes on top of the loss of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, at the start of the year (2014) HAS BEEN A BLOW for Western governments that invested lives and money in the invasion that toppled Saddam in 2003″ INDEED.

“However, (British) Foreign Secretary William Hague said there was “NO QUESTION” of British troops being sent back to Iraq”As we know, the UK was one of America’s FIERCEST allies during the second Iraq invasion.

“The International Organization for Migration said sources in Mosul estimated the violence leading up to the jihadists’ takeover “displaced over 500,000 people in and around the city“, creating yet another REFUGEE CRISIS, in addition to the one in SYRIA.

“Bassam Mohammed, a 25-year-old student, said he WOULD NOT join the exodus of residents leaving Mosul, but acknowledged DEEP CONCERN about how the jihadists would run the city”. “I am afraid about FREEDOMS and I am especially afraid that they will IMPOSE NEW LAWS on us” obviouslyThere are THREE things to note here. FirstOF COURSE, Mohammed has “deep concerns about how the JIHADISTS would run the city” because “jihadists” are otherwise known as ANARCHISTS, who go around CREATING CHAOS. Secondly, OF COURSE, Mohammed is “afraid about freedoms” because they will surely be ERODED when “new laws (are) imposed” (these laws are called MARTIAL law)

“The Syrian government said it was ready to help Baghdad in its fight against “TERRORISM” while the rebel Free Syrian Army called for support from Arab states for its own battle against ISIL”Again, as we knowSyria is A MESS because we DON’T know who’s friend and who’s foe



The title of a recently released CNN article is “ALARM in Hong Kong at Chinese white paper AFFIRMING BEIJING CONTROL” (Web-site/URL:

“Pro-democracy Hong Kongers have reacted ANGRILY to a Chinese government white paper affirming Beijing’sCOMPREHENSIVE jurisdiction” over the territory, released days after more than 100,000 demonstrators gathered in the city calling for greater rights”. THIS IS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:

“The 14,500-word document, which stresses that Hong Kong DOES NOT have “full autonomy” and comes under Beijing’s oversight, was released amid fierce debate between residents of the former British colony over impending electoral reform and the nature of the “ONE COUNTRY, two systems (?)” concept”. We’re increasingly seeing ONLY the “one country” part of “one country two systems”.

“Published by the State Council Information Office, the UNPRECEDENTED white paper states that “many WRONG views are currently rife in Hong Kong” with regard to the “one countrytwo systems” principle that governs the territory’s relationship with Beijing”The RIGHT “view” of course is that China has the right to CONTROL EVERYTHING/EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN HONG KONG. THIS IS INDEED an “unprecedented” view.

“Some residents are “confused or LOPSIDED in their understanding” of the principle, it adds”. CHINA is “lopsided” here.

The HIGH degree of autonomy of the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) is NOT FULL autonomy, nor a decentralized power”. “The HIGH degree of autonomy…IS NOT full autonomy”. Then, this “high degree of autonomy” is clearly NOT “high” enough. “It is the power to run LOCAL affairs AS AUTHORIZED BY the central leadership” and as we know “the central leadership” DOES NOT “authorize” much IF ANYTHING.

“Hong Kong lawmaker Alan Leong, leader of the pro-democracy Civic Party, said he was “COMPLETELY TAKEN ABACK by the document, which had SENT A SHIVER up (his) spine” AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: “It is A SEA CHANGE to our understanding of what ‘one country, two systems’ should be“, which is NOT a good thing.

“He argued that the notion that judicial decisions made in Hong Kong should take into account the needs of China was a new concept, and one that was “totally repugnant (distasteful objectionable or offensive) to our understanding of the rule of law as an institution which WE HOLD VERY DEAR TO OUR HEARTS. I am surprised that my country could go back on the promises and undertakings that had brought about such a SMOOTH (?) REVERSION to Chinese sovereignty“. By definition, “reversion” = GOING BACKWhether or not this is “smooth” is open to INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

“Joseph Cheng, professor of political science at City University of Hong Kong, said the paper represented AN ATTEMPT BY (?) Beijing to shape the debate around electoral reform”. “I think this is part of A CAMPAIGN (?) to warn Hong Kong people that we  accept the electoral system soon to be imposed on us, which probably will follow the proposal set out by pro-Beijing groups”. There are TWO things to note here. Firstas we know, this is NOT REALLY “an attempt” because as we know Beijing IS ALREADY “(shaping) the debate around electoral reform” – they are DELAYING itSecondly/On top of thisTHERE’S NO NEED for Beijing to “campaign” about anything because again THEY ARE GETTING (basically) EVERYTHING THEY WANT ANYWAY.

“Cheng said the white paper’s main thrust was that, while Hong Kong ENJOYED A HIGH (?) DEGREE OF AUTONOMY, BEIJING was ULTIMATELY in control, with CHINA‘s interests and national security paramount”. “The main point is that whatever power Hong Kong has comes from THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT NO MORE. The emphasis is on China’s STATE INTERESTS, China’s sovereignty, on ONE COUNTRY ahead of two systems”. The “two systems” component/part of “one country, two systems” has essentially been PUT ON THE BACK BURNER

 “Cheng said the paper had been met with “CONCERN, RESENTMENT (and) DISSATISFACTION“, again AS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL: NO ONE in a FREE SOCIETY can be EXPECTED to be happy or content when a COMMUNIST country is JAMMING IDEAS DOWN THEIR THROATS. “resentment” or REVENGE is also a VERY DANGEROUS emotionWE ARE ALL CONCERNED that if Beijing chooses to DENY giving Hong Kong people a democratic electoral system, then the SAR (Special Administrative Region) government will be seen to be ILLEGITMATE” on an INTERNATIONAL scale, which is a HUGE issue, but againChina DOESN’T CARE & WILL STUBBORNLY CONTINUE TO DO WHATEVER IT WANTS giving us an example of ARROGANCE, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: 

“But Mo Pak-hung, an associate professor at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department Of Economics, did not see a cause for alarm, saying Beijing was SENDING A SIGNAL that it intended to be INCREASINGLY INVOLVED in Hong Kong’s political evolution while supporting economic growth”, as if Beijing ISN’T “involved” enough already. This “signal” certainly ISN’T subtle. “It means that Hong Kong will be relatively stable politically and... (the) risk (to) the economy is REDUCED.

“A January (2014) by the non-partisan Hong Kong Transition Project found 38% of Hong Kongers SUPPORTED Occupy Central’s proposed civil disobedience, while 54% OPPOSED it”SIGNIFICANT proportion STILL SUPPORT “Occupy Central”.

Finally, “China’s vice president (LI YUANCHAO) has warned that such a protest would be “unlawful” and would “WRECK THE STABILITY AND PROSPERITY” of the city”, the CHINESE INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:

To concludeBeijing DOEN’T need to “affirm” its “control”The STRANGLEHOLD that Beijing has on Hong Kong IS ALREADY STRONG ENOUGHThis has MANY people “alarmed” because we’re SUPPOSED TO BE moving TOWARDS UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE in 2017 Sadlythis DOES NOT seem to be the case. Hong Kong is INCREASINGLY becoming just another CHINESE city