NIGELLA LAWSON Now Under Investigation For COCAINE Use: CNN

The title of a recently released CNN article is “Nigella Lawson faces police drugs investigation” (Web-site/URL:

“British police said Sunday (December 22 2013) they would examine evidence suggesting that celebrity chef Nigella Lawson took cocaine”.

The news came days after Lawson’s two former personal assistants (ELISABETTA and FRANCESCA GRILLOwere cleared of FRAUD in a trial that saw the chef admit to occasionally (?) using drugs including cocaine”. On top of this, HOW OFTEN is “occasionally?”

In a statement on Sunday (December 22, 2013) the Metropolitan Police said a specialist team would examine “all the evidence emerging as part of a review into this matter and in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service, will determine an APPROPRIATE (?) way forward“. What’s “appropriate?” WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING AT THIS POINT.

“However, police added that there was “NO imminent prospect” of a prosecution being mounted against Lawson”. “The Senior Investigating Officer received legal advice that the witness’s admissions DID NOT by themselves provide sufficient evidence to bring charges“.

“In her own testimony, Lawson confirmed she had taken cocaine half a dozen (i.e. SIX) times, during TWO periods of her life, and used cannabis in the past. But she DENIED being a habitual userAS EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:  When was the last time a CELEBRITY OPENLY/WILLINGLY admitted wrongdoing? NEVER. .

“Lawson, who was a PROSECUTION witness, said she was “DISAPPOINTED, but UNSURPRISED” by the verdict. She slammed what she said was a sustained campaign to RUIN HER REPUTATION“. This is our latest/yet another example of Lawson BLAMING & CRITICIZING (Web-site/URL: well as DEFENSIVE behavior (Web-site/URL:

Finally “In a prepared statement”, Lawson said: “Over the three week trial, the jury was faced with A RIDICULOUS SIDESHOW of false allegations about drug use which made focus on the actual criminal trial impossible. My experience as a witness was DEEPLY DISTURBING. When FALSE claims about habitual drug use were introduced, I did everything possible to ensure the (Crown Prosecution Service) was aware of the sustained background campaign DELIBERATELY DESIGNED TO DESTROY MY REPUTATION“. 

So, the trial of FRANCESCA & ELISABETTA GRILLO, Nigella Lawson’s and ex-husband CHARLES SAATCHI‘shas now turned into a trial of the public opinion of NIGELLA LAWSON HERSELF.


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